Memoirs on the Ionian Islands: Considered in a Commercial, Political and Military, Point of View; in which Their Advantages of Position are Described as Well as Their Relations with the Greek Continent, Including the Life and Character of Ali Pacha, the Present Ruler of Greece. Together with a Comparative Display of the Ancient and Modern Geography of the Epirus, Thessaly, Morea, Part of Macedonia, &c. &c

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1816 - Ionian Islands (Greece) - 502 pages
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Page 2 - ... his blood in defence of the liberties of Holland. Swiss is arrayed against Swiss ; German against German, to determine, on the banks of the Loire and the Seine, the succession of the French crown. The Dane crosses the Eider, and the Swede the Baltic, to break the chains which are forged for Germany. It is difficult to say what would have been the fate of the Reformation and the liberties of the empire, had not the formidable power of Austria declared against them.
Page 320 - Why,' said he to those who conducted him, ' do you wish me to travel half a league further in the hottest part of the day ? Can't you hang me here ? ' This favour was granted him, and he himself put the rope about his own neck.
Page 264 - It is difficult,' said Vaudoncourt, 'not to be convinced or borne away by him when he enters into a conversation for the purpose of furthering some object or view. To resist him, it is necessary to be possessed of a perfect knowledge of his character, and always to hold the picture before one's eyes; and still his dissimulation is so disguised and so profound, that one almost feels self-reproachful for being on one's guard and acting with a salutary distrust.
Page 227 - assert that Ali's mother caused him to be poisoned, in order to secure to her own son the remains of his father's inheritance, and free him from a dangerous rival. This report is, at least, most prevalent throughout the whole of his states. His enemies, on the contrary, affirm, that it was he himself who stabbed his brother, having persuaded the multitude that he was engaged in a treacherous correspondence with their enemies. It is thus also that the story is related in the Ionian Islands.
Page 319 - An individual of the Liapis clan, being condemned to death, was brought out to be conveyed to the place of execution, which was situated without the walls of Prevesa. Being arrived about half way, he passed by a large fig-tree.
Page 278 - ... in the enjoyment of whatever accomplishments the fair ones could display for his gratification'. 'Notwithstanding he is almost exclusively given up to Socratic pleasures,' wrote Vaudoncourt, 'and for this purpose keeps up a seraglio of youths, from among whom he selects his confidants, and even his principal officers, he had five or six hundred women in his harem.
Page 24 - Under the pretence of furnishing Hungary with cultivators, he sought to induce Greeks to fix their residence there. He not only favoured the emigration of whole families, seeking to flee from the oppression of their masters, but ho also spread decoyers in the most distant provinces of his dominions.
Page 26 - Russia, in the year 1770, and who bad been obliged to take refuge at St. Petersburgh, was allured to Pesth, where Joseph made a handsome provision for him, and whence he carried on an active correspondence with Greece. In 1782, two Albanian captains penetrated to Maina, and entered...
Page 226 - ... means with the forces he had to combat, he remained a long time in a standing posture, mechanically furrowing up the ground with his stick, which the violence of his sensations caused him frequently to strike with vehemence.
Page 231 - ... ambitious projects soon began to develope themselves. The towns of Kaminitza and Goritza first fell under his power : they were taken and pillaged. His next attempt was a daring one. The old pacha of Argyro-castro, Ali's father-in-law, had died, and the elder son had been assassinated by his brother. Ali hastened to allay the civil war this murder had given rise to : but the inhabitants, aware of his designs, united against him, and he...

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