The Geographical Distribution of Animals and Plants: part I, Part 1

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Little, Brown, & Company, 1854 - Biogeography - 168 pages

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Page 155 - Cum hujus alitis vita magni conversionem anni fieri prodidit idem Manilius , iterumque significationes tempestatum et siderum easdem reverti. Hoc autem circa meridiem incipere , quo die signum arietis sol intraverit. Et fuisse ejus conversionis annum prodente se , P.
Page 2 - The observations embraced in this and the preliminary chapters [xxi-xxvi of The Races of man, published as vol. ix of the reports of the Exploring Expedition] are to be regarded as an introduction to the volume on Geographical Distribution prepared during the voyage of the Expedition." — p. 2. According to the Library of Congress cards "this volume is erroneously printed as v. xv of the reports. A volume, of which this was to form part I, was prepared by the author, and was to be published as v....
Page 1 - ... they were previously unknown ; extirpating the forest and cultivating the soil, until at length the face of the globe itself is changed. To ascertain the amount of this interference, displaced species must be distinguished, and traced each to its original home. Detached observations have already been given in the twenty-first and succeeding chapters of my
Page 106 - About this time, Thomas, a Syrian bishop, came to Alexandria, to correct the Syriac Version of the New Testament, made about a century before by Philoxenus.
Page 52 - ... extended systems of the Assyrian Cuneiform writings. V. Egypt's Fall. Introduction of the Demotic or Enchorial. First appearance of partly alphabetic and syllabic system of more limited range than the hieratic ; containing still fewer determinatives, and representing the then spoken language. It is an outgrowth of the hieratic writing, which it superseded for the legal and ordinary purposes of life — the hieratic being retained as late as TRAJAN. The demotic, late under the Roman Empire, superseded...
Page 102 - as late as the time of Constantino, if not indeed a century later.
Page 106 - Clovis, the first Christian king of France, began to reign in the same year (see Clinton). In " AD 602," the accession of Phocas, the thirteenth Byzantine emperor, took place.

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