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Page 128 - The Measurement of the Surface Area of Man, Arch. Int. Med. 15:868 (May) 1915. Benedict, was much lower than that found in six old men by Aub and Du Bois," and this tends to throw doubt upon the calculations of the true basal metabolism of old men. It may, however, be added that the basal metabolism of Zuntz remained at a constant level from the age of 41 to the age of 63. Dreyer...
Page 218 - This investigation has been made with the assistance of a grant from the Committee on Therapeutic Research, Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry. American Medical Association.
Page 143 - I.: The Relationship of the Increase in Blood Sugar Concentration to the Specific Dynamic Action of Glucose and to the Specific Dynamic Action of Adrenalin, Am.
Page 154 - Du Bois, Delafield, and Du Bois, EF: The Measurement of the Surface Area of Man. Arch. Int. Med. 15:868 (May) 1915.
Page 226 - ... simple, rational and cheap means of prevention, this human scourge, which has taken its toll in misery, suffering and death throughout all ages, can and should be controlled, if not eliminated...
Page 223 - Qeveland it had been strongly urged and had been used by some physicians for several years. Briefly, the method as applied to man consisted in the administration of 2 gm. of sodium iodid in 0.2 gm. doses, distributed over a period of two weeks, and repeated each autumn and spring. This amount of iodin is excessive, and far beyond the needs of the individual or of the ability of the thyroid to utilize and store it. One gram distributed over a longer period would be better. The form or mode of administration...
Page 225 - Simple or endemic goiter in man may be prevented as cheaply and as simply as in the lower animals, by the administration of 3 to 5 mg. of iodin twice weekly, over a period of a month, and repeated twice yearly.
Page 120 - Goiters usually classified under the terms "simple," "endemic," "adolescent," and so forth, are diffuse colloid, adenomatous, or a combination, particularly at their inception, of the two types. The majority of such goiters are first noticed during the latter half of the second decade. The colloid goiter usually disappears before the twenty-fifth year ; however, there is a tendency for a thyroid once overloaded with colloid, irrespective of its functional activity, to retain more than the normal...
Page 223 - Of 1,182 pupils with thyroid enlargement at the first examination who took the prophylactic, 773 thyroids have decreased in size ; while of 1,048 pupils with thyroid enlargement at the first examination who did not take the prophylactic, 145 thyroids have decreased in size.
Page 127 - investigated the heat production of several normal controls, and in their preliminary work established the value of 34.7 calories per square meter of body surface per hour as representing the basal metabolism of individuals of usual shape when the surface area was calculated by the Meeh formula. Although criticism has been made 10.

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