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Bronte is a beautiful writer with clear prose and stories that go far beyond the shallow depth of Emma, by Jane Austin. Jane Eyre is a social commentary on the 19th century British class system: how it feels to be an orphan in a rich home; a girl without family in a punitive, charity religious school--half starved and frozen, watching your friends die of consumption; a Victorian governess, who, because she remained in a home for months and sometimes years, could see all that went on in the household and could easily tell how masters and mistresses treat their servants, how the rich and titled chose to raise their children, and how their children thought and behaved. Charlotte Bronte was not only an apt writer of novels, she was a deep political thinker who saw class divides as the injustices they were. The Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne write love stories that go beyond beauty gets the guy. I would read any one of their novels over Austin any day! 

Review: Jane Eyre

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Re read this book for a course I took at Oxford. Rereading this book is always a pleasure . Read full review

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