The American Therapist, Volume 12

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Page vii - TRUE ANIMAL IRON Physicians everywhere are looking for a Blood reconstructant that contains every element of nutrition of the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdoms, viz.: Animal Iron...
Page iii - The Successful Introduction of a really meritorious remedy is immediately followed by the unwarranted and most damaging dissatisfaction of Imitations and Substitutions, which flood the market almost beyond the physician's comprehension, it therefore behooves us to kindly and particularly request not only the specification (Gude), but the prescribing of ORIGINAL BOTTLES by every physician who desires to employ in his treatment which is the original and only true organic preparation of iron and manganese,...
Page iii - PEPTO-MANGAN has, since its introduction to the Medical Profession of the World, always proved its superiority over other blood-making compounds, and furthermore will always substantiate all the statements so highly commending its value. As this certainty in efficacy has won for this preparation the confidence and reliance of the physician, we, to protect you, your patients and ourselves against such conscienceless methods, earnestly ask the prescribing of original bottles only.
Page 27 - Being a midwife, nurse or other person having the care of an infant within the age of two weeks neglects or omits to report immediately to the health officer or to a legally qualified practitioner of medicine of the city, town or place where such child is being cared for, the fact that one or both eyes of such infant are inflamed or reddened whenever such shall be the case, or who applies any...
Page vi - ... Jefferson Medical College and editor of The Therapeutic Gazette, says: "Any substance possessing strong antipyretic power must be of value under such circumstances." He further notes that the analgesic power of the coaltar products "must exert a powerful influence for good." The lowering of the fever, no doubt, quiets the system and removes the delirium which accompanies the* hyperpyrexia, while freedom from pain saves an immense amount of wear, and places the patient in a better condition for...
Page iv - To reduce fever, quiet pain, and at the same time administer a gentle laxative and an excellent tonic is to accomplish a great deal with a single tablet. Among the many diseases and affections which call for such a combination, we might mention la grippe, influenza, coryza, coughs and colds, chills and fever, and malaria with its general discomfort and great debility.
Page 78 - ... than in younger ones and infants. 3. In cases without a whoop the expiratory spasm with its asphyxia is generally overcome, and in those with a whoop the latter is prevented. 4. As a single therapeutic measure for the control of the paroxysms it deserves a place in the treatment of pertussis and is as successful as any single drug, or even more so. 5. Mothers, nurses and other attendants should be instructed in its use in order that the oncoming attacks, especially at night, might be arrested....
Page iv - Salol renders the intestinal canal antiseptic and is the most valued drug in intestinal affections.'' The anodyne properties of antikamnia in connection with salol render this tablet .very useful in dysentery, indigestion, cholera morbus, diarrhoea, colic, and all conditions due to intestinal fermentation.
Page 95 - Colchicum never more effectually relieves the patient than when it acts silently and peacefully, without producing any evacuation whatever, or in any way disturbing the patient's comfort and ease.
Page vi - ... salol in rheumatic conditions is so well understood and appreciated that further comment is unnecessary. The statements of Professors Hare and Guttmann are so well known and to the point and have been verified so often, that the uses of "Antikamnia and Salol Tablets

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