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Page 135 - part of Delaware Bay on the north which lieth under the 40th degree of north latitude, from the equinoctial where New England ends ; and all that tract of land between the bounds aforesaid, ie passing from the aforesaid bay, called Delaware Bay, in a right line by the degrees aforesaid
Page 106 - on the Coast of Africa, from the tropic of Cancer to the Cape of Good Hope, nor in the countries of America or the West Indies,
Page 135 - knowledge of Almighty God, his majesty granted to said Lord Baltimore all that part of a peninsula lying in the parts of America between the ocean on the east and the bay of Chesapeake on the west, and divided from the other part thereof by a right line drawn from the promontory or cape of land called Watkins' Point (situate in the aforesaid bay, near the river of
Page 163 - be obliged to support at all times as many ministers and school-masters as the number of inhabitants shall seem to require/' and " to choose for this purpose, persons who had at heart the conversion of the pagan inhabitants to Christianity.
Page 428 - government and His Majesty's good inclination to that nation, and to all men who shall comply with His Majesty's rights and title in Delaware without force of arms." That all cannon, arms and ammunition belonging to the government shall remain to His Majesty. Future trading to be regulated by rules of Parliament; right of conscience to be
Page 106 - inhabitants of the United Netherlands should be permitted to sail to or from the said lands, or to traffic on the Coast of Africa, from the tropic of Cancer to the Cape of Good Hope, nor in the countries of America or the West Indies,
Page 135 - on the west, unto the main ocean on the east, and between that bound on the south, unto the part of Delaware Bay on the north which
Page 109 - north of Virginia, (by us called New England,) of all which countries his Majesty hath in like manner, some years since, by patent granted the quiet and full possession unto particular persons, nevertheless, we understand that the year past, the Hollanders have entered upon some part thereof, and have left a colony, and
Page 430 - and planters will submit themselves to His Majesty's authority, without making any resistance. "2. That whoever, of what nation soever, doth submit to His Majesty's authority, shall be protected in their estates, real and personal whatsoever, by His Majesty's laws and justice. "3. That the present magistrates shall be continued in
Page 312 - SIR :—I received a letter from you, directed to me as the Lord Baltimore's Governor and Lieutenant of the Province of Maryland, wherein you suppose yourself, to be the governor of a people seated in a part of Delaware Bay, which I am very well informed lieth to the southward of the degree of forty, and

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