Us Against Them: The Political Culture of Talk Radio

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Lexington Books, May 25, 2010 - Performing Arts - 275 pages
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Us against Them: The Political Culture of Talk Radio examines the phenomenon of talk radio and the role that it plays in the American political process as well as popular culture. Among the central questions addressed is a basic one regarding why people choose to listen to political talk instead of music. Do they listen to get objective information on both sides of political issues to help them make their own voting decisions, or do they seek out the hosts and content that simply validates their own beliefs? After a consideration of the history of talk radio as well as where the industry stands today in terms of audience demographics and advertiser support, Randy Bobbitt takes a theoretical look at how talk radio may or may have not impacted political issues and campaigns from the 1950s through the 2006 mid-term election, as well as the real impact of talk radio on the 2008 presidential campaign. Finally, Bobbitt considers the future of political talk radio in light of the newest threat to the First Amendment: the possible return of the Fairness Doctrine, a twentieth century law that once required broadcasters to provide politically balanced programming.

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This is the most biased left wing piece of crap I have ever read..
Likening conservative talk radio to hate speech and race baiting are total lies to try to keep people from listening to
conservative talk radio.
In fact, Obama interjects race into almost every speech he makes and is the ultimate race baiter. Oh, its true, and you know it.
Eric Holder says America needs to talk about race. Yeah, sure he does, as long as everyone agrees on the left and minorities' point of view.
The left hates the conservative talk shows because conservatism is a threat to socialism. The left is trying hard to change this country into a socialist country. Socialism has never worked in any country. Ever.
The conservative message of personal responsibility is a threat to the liberal message of victimization and dependency on the government.
Liberals want you to be dependent on the government so they can control you. Obama and the left wants you give up your dreams and stay on welfare. Its true.
The left keep all of you agitated by inciting race and class warfare into discussions in order to incite envy within you, which is a very motivating emotion. You could tax the rich 90% of they're income and the middle class and poor would never see a dime of it.
Government is not the answer. Government is the problem.


Hot Air
The Audience Who Listens and Why
The Sponsors Who Advertises and Why
The Conservatives
The Progressives
The Libertarians
The Women
The Haters and the Shockers
In Theory Talk Radio and American Politics
In Practice Talk Radio and the 2008 Presidential Election
Talk Radio the First Amendment and the Fairness Doctrine
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Randy Bobbitt is assistant professor in the department of communication arts at the University of West Florida and author of Lottery Wars: Case Studies in Bible Belt Politics, 1986-2005.