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Page 12 - ... in her cause expir'd. Now borne with triumph from thy native woods, And tortur'd by the stern mechanic's art ; To stem the boisterous rage of foaming floods, Thou giv'st the aid thy buoyant limbs impart. Nor mildly destin'd to the merchant's care, Where peaceful commerce spreads her whitening sail ; The produce of exotic climes to bear, Skim the green wave, or catch the springing gale. But where Britannia's hardiest sons unite, Thou hurl'st her thunders on the trembling foe ; Bars't thy broad...
Page 13 - Long shalt thou sweep secure the billowy seas ; And laurell'd with the fame thy scars acquire, Wave thy proud pendant to the buxom breeze; Till envious Time — fo Nature has decreed — Seals thy hard fate ; nor can thy merit save ; Insidious worms shall on thy vitals feed, And give thee slowly to the watery grave.
Page 11 - I see the labouring axe apply'd with pain ; I hear the sounding strokes, thy groans I hear, Till thy big trunk falls thundering on the plain. Now prone on the low earth's extended space, Of all thy blooming honors rudely shorn; Crash'd are those stately limbs, which once the grace •Of forests, cease the landscape to adorn.
Page 8 - Th' imperishable wreath of deathless fame, Immortal Virtue's brow alone entwines ; 'Tis hers to light up glory's radiant flame, When systems perish, or when Nature pines. By Zephyr, shaken from the parent tree, What time mild Autumn's mellowing tints appear, In fancy's eye, its acorn form I see, The sport capricious of the varying year. Yet, though no parent's fostering hand uprear'd Its shrinking head, or propt its feeble state ; The genius of the sylvan scene appear'd, Eyed its crude form, and...
Page 7 - ... the vain, the gelid bosom fire, Or glory's proud achievements to rehearse ; Too oft the muse has swept the sounding lyre, In all the meretricious pomp of verse. I sing of Britain's Oak, the hapless fate, Source of her grandeur, power and wealth immense; The firm, yet floating, bulwark of the state, Pride of my country, and her fam'd defence. And turn not, gentle reader, with disdain, From aught which here portentous may be shown ; For know, whate'er Time's ample rolls contain, Sheer ruin marks...
Page 9 - Sun-beam's vivid smile. . The germ fermenting in the humid showers, And by rich salts the tender juices fed ; Develop'd to the eye its vital powers, Struck the deep root, and rear'd its infant head. Revolving Suns the genial process view'd, The sap quick-mounting, and the foliage green ; Till, stately rising o'er the incumbent wood, Its graceful form adorn'd the sylvan scene.
Page 12 - High-plum'd for conquest, and with glory fir'd, Devoted to his country's sacred call, He rush'd on fate, and in her cause expir'd. Now borne with triumph from thy native woods, And tortur'd by the stern mechanic's art ; To stem the boisterous rage of foaming floods, Thou giv'st the aid thy buoyant...
Page 11 - Dryads shriek, their favorite's doom to see ; The hoarse wind murmurs through the distant glade, And trembles every leaf on every tree. So have I seen the youthful hero fall...
Page 10 - And now pre-eminent it proudly stands. Still stand, and waving wide thy darkling shade, Invite the weary wanderer to repose ; Throw thy luxuriant arms across the glade, Whilft the Ted apple blufhes on thy boughs.
Page 11 - And spends far diftant his resistless force. Alas ! to future danger wisely blind, With glance prophetic, I thy fate survey ; A more relentless foe thou yet shaltfmd, In hostile man, who claims thee for his prey.

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