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When John Steinbeck accepted his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962, he described the writer's obligation as "dredging up to the light our dark and dangerous dreams for the purpose of improvement." For some critics, that purpose has obscured Steinbeck's literary value. He has been characterized variously as an advocate of socialiststyle solutions to the depredations of capitalism, a champion of ... Read full review

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I must be one of the few people who didn't read this novella as part of their school curriculum. So I was coming at this with barely an inkling of what the book was about. Suffice to say it was an ... Read full review

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User Review  - KatherineGregg - LibraryThing

Gary Sinese beautifully reads this Steinbeck story about George and Lennie, migrant workers who go from farm to farm looking for work during the depression. Lennie is mentally disabled but a good ... Read full review

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User Review  - stef7sa - LibraryThing

A little gem, straightforward but effective. More a play than a novel and very reminiscent of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman in its tragical theme: the impossibility of the poor to escape their ... Read full review

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This book is so boring!!!!! xD

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Slim stood out of all the character

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I was assigned this book for school and I could only get through the second chapter before I had to ask my teacher to give me an alternate assignment. The problem was that there were WAY TOO MANY SWEAR WORDS!!! The Lord's name was also used in vain 50,000 times in two chapters! I'd never seen so many swear words in my life before! I was so glad I could read a differnt book. Later my friend told me the ending and it seemed to be the stupidest thing ever! DO NOT READ THIS! THIS IS THE WORST BOOK EVER!!! 

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This sad tale of two men that are put through so many hardships gives a tale of a relationship between two men that are inseparable. In the end it shows how people will do something out of love for each other so that the ones filled with hate can not do it first.

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User Review  - nu-bibliophile - LibraryThing

This book is short but it will touch your heart. You will experience different emotions and opinions with this book. It is a beloved novel. Read full review

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