Lundy Island: A Monograph, Descriptive and Historical; with Notices of Its Distinguishing Features in Natural History

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Cassell, Peter, and Galpin [pref., 1877 - Lundy Island (England) - 171 pages
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Page 58 - in liberam et perpetuam elemosinam bene et in pace libere et quiete integre et plenarie et honorifice cum omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus sicut Carta Henrici Regis patris nostri quam inde
Page 9 - lies the Island of Lundy, sometimes invisible from the shore, but generally looming dim and mysterious, and more or less shrouded in mists, or capped with cloud-reefs; occasionally standing out lofty, clear, and distinct, bright with varied hues of rock, fern, and
Page 14 - This Lundy is a nymph to idle toys inclin'd, And all on pleasure set, doth wholly give her mind To see upon her shore her fowl and conies fed, And wantonly to hatch the birds of Ganymede.
Page 10 - height of 500 feet, surrounded by steep and occasionally perpendicular cliffs, storm-beaten, riven, and scarred over with grisly seams and clefts, and hollowed out here and there along the shore into fantastic coves and grottoes,
Page 58 - made to dispossess him—the king confirmed the grant to the Templars, and also until such time as they could possess it granted them the revenues of certain lands in Somerset, lately enjoyed by Nicholas de
Page 70 - but this year destroyed in part by the Scots. Also eight tenants, who hold their land and tenements by a certain charter of Herbert de Mareis granted them for the term of their lives, who pay fifteen shillings yearly. Also one tenant, who should keep the said gannetts during the whole of the season of their breeding, and for which services
Page 59 - of Lundy Island, and there is in the Record Office a return from the sheriff accounting for forty marks which he had received of the county by way of aid for the defence of the maritime ports against William de Marisco,
Page 103 - exaggerated number of 100 persons, who carried on trade in the feeding of cattle, and the sale of feathers, eggs, and skins, and " it bore exceedingly fine barley, potatoes, and almost every kind of garden stuff in great abundance.
Page 14 - for her own, and as her proper due, Claim'd Lundy, which was said to Cambria to belong, Who oft had sought redress, for that her ancient wrong. ***** This Lundy is a nymph to idle toys
Page 152 - the ocean and the land, The battle-field Morwenna's strand, Where rock and ridge the bulwark keep The giant warders of the deep.

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