Life of Marshal MacMahon, duke of Magenta: with the pedigree of the MacMahon family, from their founder, Brian Boroimhe, monarch of Ireland, down to the present century, from authentic documents

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Printed and published at the "Irishman" office, 1859
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Page 7 - ... Proceeding with his regiment to Algeria, he engaged in the Algerian war, and in the year 1830 won the Cross of the Legion of Honor, which he received from Gen. Clauzel on the field of battle. The next year he was appointed lieutenant in the 8th Cuirassiers, and in 1832, as aide-de-camp to General Achard, he shared in the expedition to Belgium, and won the Cross of the Order of Leopold by his bravery at the siege of Antwerp. This campaign over, he returned to Africa where he won still greater...
Page 49 - La troisième est extraite d'un manuscrit de la fin de ce dernier siècle (conservé dans les archives de feu M. le maréchal de Thomond), qui contient un recueil de généalogies dressées en 1698 par un historiographe de Thomond (1). Cellecy commence également au roy Brien Boro, continue jusqu'à Turlogh, lord de Cloindirala, que la première dit fils de Teige et père d'un autre Teige qui continua la branche des Seigneurs de Cloindirala, et de Donogh, (seigneur) de Feenish et...
Page 44 - In a similar manner were found, in the library of the Abbey of St. Germain des Pres, fourteen leaves of the Greek Epistles of St.
Page 6 - Autunin the department of Saone-et-Loire in 1808. He came from a family distinguished in the military annals of France for the past two hundred years : his father held the rank of lieutenant-general in the French army, with the distinction of Commander of the Royal and Military Order of St. Louis ; his uncle was major-general, and his brother was captain, but left the service in 1830.
Page 12 - ... Kabylia. In a short time he received command of the land and sea forces of Algeria, and was reposing on his well-won laurels when called to the field by the outbreak of war with Austria. In command of the Second Army of the Alps, he rendered signal service at Magenta. In one week Napoleon had driven the Austrians across the Ticino, turned their flank, and forced them to give battle. Attacked unexpectedly at the Bridge of Magenta...
Page 48 - Teige qui continua la' branche des Seigneurs de Cloindirala, et Donogh ou Donat MacMahon, Seigneur de Feenish et de Rinanagh.
Page 49 - Teige, seulement jusqu'aux enfants de Turlogh, lord de Cloindirala, vivant en 1698. Elle est aussi conforme, en ce qu'elle contient, à celle du collège de Dublin, excepté qu'au degré de...
Page 50 - Killaloe, 3 vicaires généraux de ce diocèse et par 20 habitants de la ville d'Eunis au môme comté, lesquels déclarent tous que cette maison est ancienne et illustre et assurent la plupart que JeanBaptiste Mac-Mahon, marquis d'Eguilly, père de M" de Viange et de Charnay eu est issu.
Page 10 - Chasseurs d'Orleans ; he became in 1842 Lieutenant Colonel of the Second Foreign. Legion ; next Colonel of the 4ist infantry; and finally, in 1848, General of Brigade and Governor of Tiemcen. In 1849, he was made Commander of the Legion of Honor and promoted to the governorship of the provinces of Oran and Constantine, a position in which he proved himself a good administrator, and acquired new laurels as a soldier. In July, 1852, he was commissioned General of Division, and advanced through the...
Page 49 - A l'appuy de ces deux Généalogies, M. le Chevalier Mac-Mahon joint des expéditions délivrées dans la...

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