Cycle-infantry Drill Regulations

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Pope manufacturing Company, 1892 - Military cycling - 68 pages

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Page 4 - Movements that may be executed toward either flank are explained as toward but one flank, it being necessary to substitute the word " left" for " right," or the reverse, to have the command and explanation of the corresponding movement toward the other flank.
Page 5 - 8. There are two kinds of commands. The preparatory command, such as Forward, indicates the movement that is to be executed. The command of execution, such as March, or Halt, causes the execution. Preparatory commands are distinguished by
Page 6 - grouped according to proficiency, in order that all may advance as rapidly as their abilities permit. Those who lack aptitude and quickness will be separated from the others and placed under experienced drill masters. 15.
Page 54 - The captain verifies the alignment of the chiefs of platoons and the line, commands : Front, and takes post in front of the guidon in line with the chiefs of platoons. The chiefs of platoons cast their eyes to the front as soon as their alignment is verified. The captain commands: 1. Inspection; 2.
Page 4 - not specially excepted, may be executed in double time. If the movement be from the halt, or when marching in quick time, the command double time precedes the command march; if marching in double time, the command double time is omitted.
Page 33 - The captain is held responsible for the theoretical and practical instruction of his officers and non-commissioned officers. He requires them to study and recite these regulations, so that they can explain thoroughly every movement before it is put into execution.
Page 27 - Being in Column of Fours, to Form Front into Line. The leading four marches straight to the front, dressing to the left; the other fours oblique to the right; each four, when opposite its place in line, marches to the front. At the command halt, given when the leading four has advanced thirty yards, it halts and dresses to the
Page 6 - the officer superintending the instruction may call upon them in turn to drill the squad in his presence and to correct any errors that may be observed. This will increase their interest, hasten their instruction, and facilitate judgment upon their fitness for the duties of non-commissioned officers. CLOSE ORDER. SCHOOL OF THE
Page 20 - Should the command halt be given during the execution of the movement, those men on the new line halt; the others halt on arriving on the line; all dress to the right without command. Right (or left) half-turn is executed in the same manner, except that the pivot man makes a
Page 36 - The guidon places himself, facing to the front, where the right of the company is to rest, and at such a point that the center of the company will be six

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