Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Volume 12

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Society, 1878 - Scotland
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Page 571 - Donnan then went with his people to the Hebrides, and they took up their abode there in a place where the sheep of the queen of the country were kept. This was told to the queen. ' Let them all be killed,' said she. ' That would not be a religious act,
Page 572 - Ega is the name of an island in which he was, after his coming from Erin. And there came robbers of the sea on a certain time to the island when he was celebrating mass. He requested of them not to kill him until he should have the mass said, and they gave him this respite ; and he was afterwards beheaded and fifty-two of his monks along with him.
Page xix - The number of the Ordinary Fellows shall be unlimited. 3. Candidates for admission as Ordinary Fellows must sign the Form of Application prescribed by the Council, and must be recommended by one Ordinary Fellow and two Members of the Council. 4. The Secretary shall cause the names of the Candidates and of their Proposers to be inserted in the billet calling the Meeting at which they are to be balloted for. The Ballot may be taken for all the Candidates named in the billet at once ; but if three or...
Page 549 - Thus it was the father's right to rear his children or not at his will. As soon as it was born, the child was laid upon the bare ground; and until the father came and looked at it, heard and saw that it was strong in lung and limb, lifted it in his arms, and handed it over to the women to be reared, its fate hung in the balance, and life or death depended on the sentence of its sire.
Page xxii - Collections. for the due despatch of business; and the Secretaries shall have power to call Meetings of the Council as often as they see cause. III. MEETINGS OF THE SOCIETY. 1. One General Meeting shall take place every year on St Andrew's day, the 30th of November, or on the following day if the 30th be a Sunday. 2. The Council shall have power to call Extraordinary General Meetings when they see cause. 3. The Ordinary Meetings of the Society shall be held on the second Monday of each month, at...
Page 111 - The natives [of the Island of Harris] salt the seals with the ashes of burnt sea- ware, and say they are good food : the vulgar eat them commonly in the spring-time, with a long pointed stick instead of a fork, to prevent the strong smell which their hands would otherwise have for several hours after.
Page 573 - ... chronicler of the territory should be present to read to the chief about to be installed the heads of the law relating to the conduct of the chieftain, and that the latter should swear to observe those laws and to maintain the customs of the territory inviolable. " 5. That after taking this oath, the chief laid aside his sword and other weapons, upon which the historian of the district, or some other person whose proper office it was, handed him a straight white wand as a sceptre and an emblem...
Page 177 - And that ye and ilk ane of you in cure name and autorite kepe him unthrallit, foot to remane in siclike fredome and liberte of the said Relik, like as is contenit in the said infeftment under all the hiest pane and charge that ye and ilk ane of you may amitt, and inrun anent us in that pairt.
Page 597 - Scotland there assembled : that the king had caused inquisition to be made into his claim by several men worthy of credit, who were barons and thanes of his kingdom, and who found that Morgund was the lawful son and heir of the said Gillocher, Earl of Marr ; upon which the king granted and restored to Morgund the whole earldom of Marr, in which his father Gillocher had died vest and seized, to be held by the said Morgund and his heirs of the king and his heirs in fee and heritage, with all pertinents,...
Page 23 - O sacred dome and my beloved abode, Whose walls now echo to the praise of God ; The time shall come, when lauding monks shall cease, And lowing herds here occupy their place ; But better ages shall hereafter come, And praise re-echo in the sacred dome.

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