Tarr and McMurry Geographies

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Macmillan Company, 1905 - Africa
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Page 66 - American coast and flows northeastward toward northern Europe. It broadens rapidly and joins forces with the western part of .the great Atlantic eddy. In crossing the Atlantic, the drift is pushed along by the prevailing westerlies, so that it reaches the shores of northern Europe, and even enters the Arctic Ocean. Some idea of its size may be gained from the fact that it carries many times as much water as all the rivers of the world.
Page 44 - Fio. 39. The dotted arrows show the direction the trade winds would take if the earth's rotation did not deflect them to the left in the southern hemisphere and to the right in the northern. By deflection they are turned as indicated by the other arrows.
Page 352 - England, aided by her colonies, acquired control of all the French possessions north of the United States, except the small islands of Miquelon and St. Pierre, which are still retained by the French as fishing stations. After the Revolutionary War, Canada still remained in the possession of Great Britain. There were at first several colonies, or provinces, with separate governments, though all were under the control of Great Britain ; but in 1867 a union was formed called the DOMINION OF CANADA....

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