Music and Its Effects

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Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Jan 1, 1988 - 50 pages

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Page 10 - marriageunion " are called " companions in wives." " Each ' companion ' has a right to all the wives of his ' companion,' but takes advantage of his right comparatively seldom, namely, only when he visits for some reason the camp of one of the ' companions.' Then the host cedes him his place in the sleeping-room. If possible, he leaves the house for the night ; goes to his herd, for instance. After such a call, the companion visited generally looks for an occasion to return the visit, in order,...
Page 29 - O ye who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which are appointed angels stern and severe who flinch not from executing the Commands they receive from Allah, but do precisely what they are commanded.
Page 10 - marriage among the Chukchee does not deal with one couple only, but extends over an entire group." The men belonging to such a " marriageunion " are called " companions in wives." " Each ' companion ' has a right to all the wives of his
Page 25 - TV-industry clients — the panel declared in its final report that it was "deeply troubled by television's constant portrayal of violence . . . pandering to a public preoccupation with violence that television itself has helped to generate." The panel's report concluded: "A constant diet of violence on TV has an adverse effect on human character and attitudes.
Page 13 - And they who do not call upon another god with Allah and do not slay the soul which Allah has forbidden except in the requirements of justice and who do not commit fornication.
Page 21 - I attack the modern dance as a reversion towards savagery. As a medical man, I flatly charge that modern social dancing is fundamentally sinful and evil. I charge that it is the most insidious of the maneuvers preliminary to sex betrayal. It is nothing more or less than damnable diabolical animal physical, dissipation.
Page 1 - The widening of air passages makes it easier for the human being to beathe faster and get more oxygen. Blood is shifted from regions where it will not be needed during the emergency (the intestinal tract, for example) to skeletal and heart muscle which will need oxygen and blood sugar. The heart beats faster and stronger so that blood circulates through the muscles at a higher rate.
Page ii - Constriction or narrowing of blood vessel in the skin and in the intestinal tract, resulting in blood being shifted from the digestive organs and skin to the muscles; 3. A general slowing down of movements in the intestinal tract; 4. An increase in the force and rate of heart-beat: 5.
Page ii - The two major divisions of the automatic nervous system are called the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems." Sympathetic nerves leave the middle regions of the spinal cord "Parasympathetic nerves leave the central nervous system from the upper regions where they travel in cranial nerves...

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