The Romaunce of the Sowdone of Babylone and of Ferumbras His Sone who Conquerede Rome, Issues 38-39

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Emil Hausknecht
Early English Text Society, 1881 - English literature - 144 pages

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Page xlv - I think," he says in his Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances, ed. Halliwell, p. 380, " it would not be difficult to prove from internal evidence, that the present translation* cannot be earlier than the end of the fourteenth or beginning of the fifteenth century.
Page xlvi - Marche hath perced to the roote, And bathed every veyne in swich licour, Of which vertue engendred is the flour ; Whan Zephirus eek with his swete...
Page viii - That wes ioyfull off this tithing ; For he wend thai had all bene slayne. Tharfor he turnyt in hy agayne, And wan Mantrybill and passit Flagot...
Page 96 - Ke li fâche pardon la verge honorée — Par lui et par Gaut[i]er est l'estoire aunee Et le chanchon drescie, esprise et alumee, A saint Dynis de France premièrement trovee, Del rolle de l'église escrit[e] et translatée ; 1 5 Cent anz ia este, ch'est vérité provee.
Page 109 - Compounds of Romance origin, the first part of which is a preposition, or words derived from such, often mutilate, or even entirely drop the preposition " (Zupitza's note to Guy, 1. 576). Thus we have sail, 1. 385, = " assail ;" longeth, 1. 3254, = " belongeth ;" skomfited, 1. 1320, = " diskomfited," 11. 336, 1464 ; quite, 1. 520, = " requite ; " perceived, 1. 2659, = " aperceived;" saut, 11. 619, 2200, = " assaut,
Page 113 - meaning, probably, the camelopardalis. The blood of a cameleon would go a very little way towards satisfying a thirsty Saracen" (Ellis, Metr. R. 387). Perhaps also the poet did not know much of either of these two kinds of animals, and all ho wished was to cite an animal with some outlandish name. p. 30, 1.
Page 85 - Charles entred in the firste warde With xv knightis and no moo ; Of hym his oste toke no garde, He wende his oste hade entred also. The Sarysyns ronne to the gate, And shet it wonder faste. Charles men come to late ; Tho was Charles sore agaste. Betwene two wardes he was shit, Defende he him if he can ! The Sarysyns with him thay mette, Grete parel was he in than. Tho Genelyne saie, the kinge was inne And the yates faste I-stoke, Ther myght no man to him wynne, So was he faste witfi-inne I-loke,....
Page 70 - Ye shalle be brente this day er eve, That foule mote you) befalle ! " The fire was made, the goddes were broght To have be caste therMnne.
Page 11 - With Sarisyns, that hade it wone ; And Estragot with him he mette With bores hede, blake and donne. For as a bore an hede hadde 348 And a grete mace stronge as stele.

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