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Walter Wilson Greg
Uystpruyst, 1904 - Mysteries and miracle-plays, English - 31 pages

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Page 27 - God that ye have taryed so longe. Now set eche of you on this Rodde your honde, And shortely folowe me. I go before there I wolde be. God be our gyde!
Page 10 - And so ye shall evermore; For in fayth and thou go to hell, I wyll not forsake the by the waye. Everyman. Ye speke lyke a good frende; I byleve you well. I shall deserve it and I maye.
Page 7 - Ne by pope, emperour, kynge, duke, ne prynces ; For, and I wolde receyve gyftes grete, All the worlde I might gete: But my custome is clene contrary. I gyve the no respyte; come hens, and not tary.
Page 3 - I hanged bytwene two, it can not be denyed; To gete them lyfe I suffred to be deed; I heled theyr fete; with thornes hurt was my heed. I coude do...
Page 7 - And preve thy frendes yf thou can; For, wete thou well, the tyde abydeth no man, And in the worlde eche lyvynge creature For Adams synne must dye of nature.
Page 17 - And also they gave me wordes fayre ; They lacked no fayre spekynge, But all forsake me in the endynge.
Page 18 - Then of myself I was ashamed, And so I am worthy to be blamed; Thus may I well myself hate. Of whom shall I now counsel take ? I think that I shall never speed Till that I go to my Good-Deed, But alas, she is so weak, That she can neither go nor speak; Yet will I venture on her now.
Page 31 - Alas, how shall he do than? For, after dethe, amendes may no man make, For than mercy and pyte doth hym forsake.
Page 27 - Alas, I am so faynt I may not stande; My lymmes under me do folde. Frendes, let us not tourne agayne to this lande, Not for all the worldes golde; For in to this cave must I crepe And tourne to erth, and there to slepe.
Page 15 - Who calleth me? Everyman? what, hast thou haste? I lye here in corners trussed and pyled so hye, And in chestes I am locked so fast, 395 Also sacked in bagges, thou mayst se with thyn eye, I can not styre ; in packes lowe I lye : What wolde ye have, lightly me saye.