Elementary Social Science

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Page 82 - I thank God there are no free schools or printing, and I hope we shall not have these for a hundred years.
Page 36 - Take care of the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves.
Page 129 - houses," the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each state sends two senators,
Page 120 - 33 per cent of the people own 35 per cent of the wealth. Approximately
Page 120 - 65 per cent of the people own 5 per cent of the wealth. The
Page 120 - 2 per cent of the people own 60 per cent of the wealth.
Page v - THIS elementary study was prepared primarily for that large group of pupils who leave school and enter upon their occupations without completing a four-year high school course. It
Page 109 - 1798 when Congress passed an act for the relief of sick and disabled
Page 137 - The boys and girls of to-day will be the men and women

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