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Joseph Johnson, 1777 - English poetry - 138 pages
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Page 120 - To gentle offices of love His feet are never slow ; He views through mercy's melting eye A brother in a foe.
Page 126 - With caution let me hear the syren's voice, And, doubtful, with a trembling heart rejoice. If friendless, in a vale of tears I stray, Where briers wound, and thorns perplex my way...
Page 127 - With golden letters on the illumined sky ; Nor less the mystic characters I see Wrought in each flower, inscribed on every tree: In every leaf that trembles to the breeze I hear the voice of God among the trees ; With Thee in shady solitudes I walk ; With Thee in busy crowded cities talk ; In every creature own thy forming power, In each event thy providence adore.
Page 122 - The terror and the charm repel, And powers of earth, and powers of hell ; The man of Calvary triumphed here ; Why should his faithful followers fear ? VOL.
Page 39 - But if thine unrelenting heart That slender boon deny, The cheerful light, the vital air, Are blessings widely given; Let Nature's commoners enjoy The common gifts of Heaven. The well-taught philosophic mind To all compassion gives; Casts round the world an equal eye, and feels for all that lives.
Page 116 - O, what a night was that which wrapt The heathen world in gloom .' O, what a sun, which broke this day, Triumphant from the tomb...
Page 127 - I rest unmoved by all alarms, Secure within the temple of thine arms, From anxious cares, from gloomy terrors free, And feel myself omnipotent in Thee.
Page 97 - Salute the blowing flowers. Now let me sit beneath the whitening thorn, And mark thy spreading tints steal o'er the dale : And watch with patient eye Thy fair unfolding charms. O nymph, approach ! while yet the temperate...
Page 109 - His footstool bow with holy fear ; Let Heaven's high arches echo with His name, And the wide peopled earth His praise proclaim ; Then send it down to hell's deep glooms resounding, Through all her caves in dreadful murmurs sounding.
Page 134 - Impels me onward, thro' the glowing orbs Of habitable nature, far remote, To the dread confines of eternal night, To solitudes of vast unpeopled space, The deserts of creation, wide and wild, Where embryo systems and unkindled suns Sleep in the womb of chaos ? Fancy droops, And thought astonish'd, stops her bold career.

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