Problems in Political Economy

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H. Holt, 1889 - Economics - 125 pages

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Page 21 - Rent is that portion of the produce of the earth which is paid to the landlord for the use of the original and indestructible powers of the soil.
Page 63 - Imagine two reservoirs of water, each subject to independent variations of supply and demand. In the absence of any connecting pipe the level of the water in each reservoir will be subject to its own fluctuations only. But if we open a connection, the water in both will assume
Page 30 - As the employer generally makes a profit, the payment of wages is, so far as he is concerned, but the return to the laborer of a portion of the capital he has received from the labor: so far as the employee is concerned, it is. but the receipt of a portion of the capital his labor has previously produced.
Page 106 - Those are therefore in the right who maintain that taxes on imports are partly paid by foreigners; but they are mistaken when they say it is by the foreign producer.
Page 73 - We have to consider that the banker to a great extent produces the money he lends, viz: his own obligations, which so long as his business flourishes, he is practically never compelled to redeem; and that he may easily afford to sell the use of this commodity at a price materially less than the rate of interest on capital generally.
Page 79 - We may often, by trading with foreigners, obtain their commodities at a smaller expense of labor and capital than they cost to the foreigners themselves.
Page 43 - In America and many other countries, where the food of man is easily provided, there is not nearly such great temptation to employ machinery as in England, where food is high, and costs much labor for its
Page 93 - the rights of citizenship, the right to live in something better than fever dens, the right to live as something better than the uncleanest of brute beasts. This must be done before the Christian missionary can have much chance with them.
Page 77 - property unjustly, and causes a concentration and diminution of wealth. It also impairs the value of existing property by eliminating from it that important element of value conferred upon it by the skill, energy and care of the debtors from
Page 111 - that a worker may gain more by having his industry protected than he will lose by having to pay dearly for what he consumes. A system which raises prices all round—like that in the

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