Meyer's konversations-lexikon: eine encyklopädie des allgemeinen wissens, Volume 20

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Page 148 - I began printing books with the hope of producing some which would have a definite claim to beauty, while at the same time they should be easy to read and should not dazzle the eye, or trouble the intellect of the reader by eccentricity of form in the letters. I have always been a great admirer of the calligraphy of the Middle Ages, and of the earlier printing which took its place. As to the fifteenth...
Page 148 - As to the fifteenth century books, I had noticed that they were always beautiful by force of the mere typography, even without the added ornament, with which many of them are so lavishly supplied. And it was the essence of my undertaking to produce books which it would be a pleasure to look upon as pieces of printing and arrangement of type.
Page 354 - Le mouvement positiviste et la conception sociologique du monde, 1896; Le mouvement idéaliste et la réaction contre la science positive, 1896; Psychologie du peuple français, 1898; La France au point de vue moral, 1900; Tempérament...
Page 343 - Finland. An English journal devoted to the cause of the Finnish People.
Page 354 - Extraits des grands philosophes (1877) ; l'Idée moderne du droit en Allemagne, en Angleterre et en France...
Page 148 - And it was the es* sence of my undertaking to produce books which it wouldbeapleasuretolook upor i ( as pieces of printing and arrangement of type. Lookingatmy adventure from this ^ point of view then, I found I had to con...
Page 322 - Lives of the Fathers« (1888, 2 Sbe.); »The life of Christ as represented in art« (1894); »The book of Daniel« (1895); »The Bible, its meaning and supremacy
Page 259 - La politique fédérale en matière de banque, d'assurance et de chemins de fer...
Page 354 - L'avenir de la métaphysique fondée sur l'expérience« (1889); »La morale, l'art et la religion d'après Guyau
Page 128 - L'œuvre de M. de Bismarck 1863 — 1866. Sadowa et la Campagne de sept jours

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