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iUniverse, Jan 12, 2009 - Fiction
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Avian Ramses Turla, is a basic teenage boy going through life, doing what he can in a family that places great value on status. Unfortunately for Avian, he is the first son born out of wedlock and rejected by most of his family. He is banished to his Uncle's house along with his younger brother, Jericho. Avian now does his best to adapt and change to his new life but the hatred he feels, the thirst for self-identity and justification consumes him to the point that even a new beginning is not enough.
Everything changes as his status finally catches up to him years later when the most dominant symbol of his status in the family comes by for a visit. This person is everything Avian wished he was with an attitude, demeanor, and a view towards life that is polar to everything Avian has become. This meeting, this moment, this infinity in time is just the beginning of what is to be. Fated.
The Alpha Jan writes a very dark, transgressive story about two teenagaers with polar personalities as they confront each other in the most extreme of situations dealing with outcasts and popularity, justification and rationalization, lies and manipulation, contentment and hatred, love and fear, and the extremes of faith from agnosticism to zealotry written elegantly dark in teenage high school society. "Fated" is a novel that shows the most demonic side of a mind to the most angelic side of a heart.

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