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Hillbilly sociopaths rip off a miserly old doctor and kill his daughter: another first-rate—and lurid—true-crime chronicle from journalist/novelist O'Brien (Margaret in Hollywood, 1991; Murder in Little Egypt, 1990, etc.). The part of Kentucky that skirts West Virginia and Tennessee is, O'Brien says, a region of poverty, bluegrass, and country soul, where crime—even murder—is a major activity ... Read full review

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I just finished this book and they weren't murdering for ten years. The murders were at the very end of their crime spree and all happened in pretty close proximity to each other. Furthermore, there were more than just the two of them running rampant in GA TN KY and FL and Sherry didn't kill anyone, was never present when they were happening, and did not know the men were going to murder anyone.
The story is frightening. The backwoods mountainous terrain of eastern KY and TN is a scary place to be. I have no idea why the people of this region of our country are such a murderous lot. I got the book through Amazon for $2.13 and couldn't put it down. It's a good read but it's lights on when you put the book down for bed lol.

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i was raised in the same town this happen i remember the day ...well the evening it took place, i walked in front of his house when at the moment they was there but never had a clue what was going on and never will forget what happen it was a quiet evening in august of 1985 i was 17y/o the same age as Tammy  

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