The Pan-Germanic Doctrine: Being a Study of German Political Aims and Aspirations

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Harper, 1904 - Germans - 379 pages

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Page 313 - We do not guarantee any state against punishment if it misconducts itself, provided that punishment does not take the form of the acquisition of territory by any non-American power.
Page 108 - In matters of commerce, the fault of the Dutch Is giving too little and asking too much; With equal advantage the French are content: So we'll clap on Dutch bottoms a twenty per cent.
Page 320 - American universities German professors are more capable than their English-speaking colleagues, and make their influence felt unmistakably on thought, science, art, and literature. If Germans bear this in mind, and help accordingly, the goal will eventually be reached. At the present moment the centre of German intellectual activity is in Germany; in the remote future it will be in America.
Page 320 - It is therefore the duty of everyone who loves languages to see that the future language spoken in America shall be German. It is of the highest importance to keep up the German language in America...
Page 241 - We cannot and will not allow ourselves to be shut out from the only portion of the globe still left to us," wrote a third representative of Pan-Germanism, and went on to argue for a great fleet as the only way to prevent such a consummation.43 That such utterances should have been not without effect, that they should have found their way into American and British periodicals, and even into books, that they...
Page 240 - Kultur. 101 and 102. in South Brazil — and that, too, no matter whether it remains a portion of Brazil or becomes an independent state or enters into close relationship with our empire. Unless our connection with Brazil is always secured by ships of war...
Page 320 - Germans tnere are the pioneers of a greater German culture, which we may regard as ours in the future. He advises the Germans to compose themselves into an aristocracy of talent, which is the most effective way nowadays to obtain political power. Germans only need to grasp the situation and the future is theirs. Let them show that they mean to maintain Deutschtum, and then emigration may be directed to America with impunity.
Page 13 - Out of the German Empire a world Empire has arisen. Everywhere in all parts of the earth thousands of our countrymen reside. German riches, German knowledge, German activity, make their way across the ocean. The value of German possessions on the sea is some thousands of millions.
Page 13 - German possessions on the sea is some thousands of millions. Gentlemen, the serious duty devolves on you to help me to link this greater German Empire close to the home country, by helping me, in complete unity, to fulfil my duty also towards the Germans in foreign parts.
Page 226 - The restoration of the ancient irrigation works on the Tigris; or, The re-creation of Chaldea, by Sir William Willcocks,....

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