Pennsylvania Archives

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Samuel Hazard, John Blair Linn, William Henry Egle, George Edward Reed, Thomas Lynch Montgomery, Gertrude MacKinney, Charles Francis Hoban
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A collection of documents supplementing the companion series known as "Colonial records," which contain the Minutes of the Provincial council, of the Council of safety, and of the Supreme executive council of Pennsylvania.

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Page 565 - Regulating the affairs of counties, cities, townships, wards, boroughs or school districts...
Page 223 - All taxes shall be uniform, upon the same class of subjects, within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax, and shall be levied and collected under general laws...
Page 30 - ... persons to whom a contract may be awarded shall enter into a bond with good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the board...
Page 588 - An act to regulate the sale of butter produced by taking original packing stock and other butter and melting the same so that the butter oil can be drawn off, mixed with skimmed milk or other material, and by emulsion or other process produce butter, and butter produced by any similar process and commonly known as "process" butter; providing for the enforcement thereof, and punishment for the violation of the same,
Page 180 - An act to provide for the better government of cities of the first class in this Commonwealth...
Page 214 - The people shall be secure, in their persons, houses, papers, and possessions, from all unreasonable seizures or searches, and no warrant to search any place, or to seize any person or thing, shall issue without describing them as near as may be, nor without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation.
Page 46 - The general appropriation bill shall embrace nothing but appropriations for the ordinary expenses of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the State, interest on the public debt, and for public schools. All other appropriations shall be made by separate bills, each embracing but one subject.
Page 254 - The general assembly shall prescribe by law the number, duties and compensation of the officers and employes of each house; and no payment shall be made from the state treasury, or be in any way authorized to any person, except, to an acting officer or employe elected or appointed in pursuance of law.
Page 270 - An act to regulate the practice of pharmacy and sale of poisons and to prevent adulterations in drugs and medicinal preparations in the State of Pennsylvania...
Page 161 - ... deprived of his life, liberty, or property, unless by the judgment of his peers, or the law of the land.

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