Chess: A Selection of Fifty Games, from Those Played by the Automaton Chess-player, During Its Exhibition in London, in 1820 ...

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W.J. Hunneman
Pople, 1820 - Automaton chess player - 76 pages
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Page 43 - Automaton, QP 2. K. Kn. to B. 3d. KP 1. KP takes P. QBP 1. KB to Q. 3. K. castles. Q. to her B. 2d. QP takes KP K. Kn. to its 5th. K. Kn. to his B. 7th, K. to his R. K. Kn. takes B. checking. KR takes K. Q.
Page 53 - QBP takes P. 9. QB to K. Kn. 5th. 10. Q. to her Kn. 3d. 11. QRP takes Q. 12. K. Kn. to her 2d. 13. KRP 1. 14. QR to its 4th. 15. KB to Q. Kn. 5th. 16. QP takes Q. Kn. 17. QR to К.
Page 60 - R. 2<1. 23. QRP takes P. 24. Q. to her Kn. 2d. 25. Q. to her B. 2d. 26. Q. to her square. 27. R. takes Q. 28. R. takes R. 29. K. Kn. to his B. 30. Q. Kn. to К.
Page 35 - KK to his B. 3d. 30. Q. takes Q. 31. KRP takes KR 32. B. to Q. Kn. 5th. 33. QRP takes B. 34. R. to Q. Kn. 35. K. to his Kn. 2d. 36. Kn. to К.
Page 3 - R. Q. to K. 2d. Q. to KB 2d. checking. Q. to KB 4th. Q. checks at her B. 7th. KB takes Q. Kn. B. interposes. GAME IV. Mr. * • • * 1. KP 2. 2. QP 2. 3. KB toy.
Page 35 - R. to her B. Q. takes Q. Kn. KR takes KR KR takes K. Kn. P. checking. QRP takes Q. QB takes B. Q. Kn. P. 1. R. to QB 6th. B. to its square. ,, . B. to QR 6th.
Page 37 - KB takes K. Kn. 25. B. takes KRP 26. Q. checks at K. Kn. 4th. 27. Q. checks at K. 6th. 28. Q. takes Kn. 29. Q. takes QP 30. QR to its 3d. 31.

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