Spiritual Partners

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AuthorHouse, Aug 1, 2005 - Philosophy - 312 pages
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Can you count the stars in a star filled night?  How about the trees in a forest?  The cars in a Los Angeles Freeway at rush time?  You can no more do these things than you can make an exhaustive list of the reasons why family members fight.  Each person can compile their own unique and special list that, for one or more of its nuances, would apply to their family and their family alone.  Most of us could relate stories of experiences in our family, whether immediate or extended, of fights, arguments, debates or disputes that have occurred between two or more members of the family.  Often, thank God, these stories have a happy ending, and the memories we have of such times are cause for laughter at family reunions when we reminisce on the silliness of the fight.  Sadly, however, in other families these memories leave behind deep scars and bruised feelings that over time generate resentment, and offer a fertile ground for the seeds of family division to be nurtured and grow.

In a world in which so many things are made to be disposable when they no longer work, we have somehow found it equally easy to dispose of relationships that aren't working well either.  No doubt that can be easier than trying to repair them.

Our failure to attempt the repair may be due to the fact that we lack the necessary tools and expertise for the task.  So, on the pages of this book, we lay out the groundwork for identifying the problem and mapping out the solution.

Of course, that solution cannot be realized by the mere reading of this book.  What you read must be prayerfully and carefully applied.  The book expands from exploring the reasons why relationships breakdown, to understanding what must happen for there to be true reconciliation, to a discussion on how to fix the relationship and keep it from breaking again.  Using the Bible as the guiding document, and sole source of direction, we seek answers to the many questions and dilemmas that broken relationships present.  

So, read this book friend.  But read it with an open heart as well as open eyes.  And when you are done reading reach out and be reconciled! 

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