Essays on the theory and practice of the art of war, tr. from the best Fr. and Germ. writers, by the editor of th Military mentor, Volume 1

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Page 252 - A general who knows how to unite this quality with perpetual coolness, never is in want of expedients; he will see how those events, which to any other would be the ptesage of his own defeat, may end in the overthrow of his enemies.
Page 251 - ... to command himself, and has courage enough to keep himself cool on the most urgent occasions, has the readiest and quickest eye. A quick hot-headed man, however brave^ sees nothing, or if he does, it is confusedly and generally too late. It is this quick eye which enables him to judge of an advantageous post, of a manoeuvre to be made, and of a good disposition for the troops, whether with respect to that of tl>e enemy ,, or to the situation and natureof the country.
Page 448 - Take, with the compass, the bearings from A to B, from B to C, from C to D, from D to E, and from E to A ; and measure the distances AB, BC, CD, DE, and EA.
Page 66 - An instrument for measuring the diameter of the heavenly bodies. This instrument is a kind of telescope, consisting of two object glasses of equal focal distance, placed one by the side of the other, so that the same eyeglass serves for both. HELIOTROPE, or TURNsOLE. A plant which is said always to follow the course of the sun. HELLEBORE. A plant, the flower of which expands in the form of a rose. The seed is oblong, like a grain of wheat. It is very doubtful whether the plant now so named be the...
Page 144 - But if the river is not very deep, or not very rapid, one anchor will do for two pontoons, in which case it must be fastened to the middle of the cable, and the two ends of the latter to the two pontoons, taking care that this be done on both sides of the bridge, iu order to keep it more steady. The pontoons, on being...
Page 217 - ... proposal with German eyes. Were I a German, I should say: "These Islanders are cool customers, they have fenced in all the best parts of the globe, they have bought or captured fortresses and ports in five continents, they have gained the lead in commerce, they have a virtual...
Page 88 - The intensity of light decreases as the square of the distance from the luminous body increases.
Page 144 - ... anchors with their cables on board, proceed within a proper distance abreast of the pontoon, to which the cable is to be fastened, drop the anchor, make up to the pontoon, fasten the cable, and proceed in the same manner with regard (o the rest Of the pontoons.
Page 257 - ... road for the detachments and the patrolcs to keep, in order to gain intelligence ; and lastly, with what degree of ease the enemy can attack the army on its march, and whether in front Or flank. This knowledge is essential to a General in every kind of country ; but in a woody or mountainous country it would become more particularly dangerous, and even impossible for him to majch an, array, if unacquainted \vi(%it.

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