A Select Collection of Old Plays: George A. Green, the pinner of Wakefield

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J. Nichols, 1780 - English drama
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Page 120 - both liv'd and died in love; And for his love tried fortune of the wars; And by war's fortune lost both love and life.
Page 126 - It was, my liege, the prince of Portingale. KING. But what was he that on the other side Held him by th' arm, as partner of the prize?
Page 201 - So, I tell you this: for learning and for law, There is not any advocate in Spain That can prevail, or will take half the pain That he will, in pursuit of equity.
Page 144 - Both well and ill; it makes me glad and sad: Glad, that I know the hinderer of my love; Sad, that I fear she hates me whom I love. Glad, that I know on whom to be reveng'd; Sad, that she'll fly me, if I take revenge.
Page 152 - No, no, it was some woman cried for help, And here within this garden did she cry. And in this garden must I rescue her.— But stay, what murd'rous spectacle is this? A man hang'd up and all the murderers gone! And in my bower, to lay the guilt on me! This place was made for pleasure, not for death.
Page 204 - Though on this earth justice will not be found, I'll down to hell, and in this passion Knock at the dismal gates of Pluto's court, Getting by force, as once Alcides did, A troop of Furies and tormenting hags To torture Don Lorenzo and the rest.
Page 365 - Look, fine man ! he was mad for me once, and I was mad for him once, and he was mad for her once, and were you never mad ? Yes, I warrant ; I had a fine jewel once, a very fine jewel, and that naughty man stole it away from me, — a very fine and a rich jewel.
Page 200 - If destiny deny thee life, Hieronimo, Yet shalt thou be assured of a tomb: If neither, yet let this thy comfort be: Heaven covereth him that hath no burial. And to conclude, I will revenge his death!
Page 144 - First, in his hand he brandished a sword, And with that sword he fiercely waged war, And in that war he gave me dangerous wounds, And by those wounds he forced me to yield, And by my yielding I became his slave.
Page 369 - THE HONEST WHORE : with the Humours of the Patient Man, and the Longing Wife; as it hath beene acted by her Majesties Servants with great applause.

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