The Tragedy of the Deserted Isle: A Chronicle of the Burr and Blennerhassett Conspiracy

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C.M. Clark Publishing Company, 1909 - Blennerhassett Island (W. Va.) - 393 pages
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Page 281 - Possessing himself of a beautiful island in the Ohio, he rears upon it a palace, and decorates it with every romantic embellishment of fancy. A shrubbery that Shenstone ' might have envied, blooms around him. Music that might have charmed" Calypso J and her nymphs, is his.
Page 165 - The people of the country to which we are going are prepared to receive us; their agents, now with Burr, say if we will protect their religion, and will not subject them to a foreign power, that, in three weeks, all will be settled. The gods invite us to glory and fortune; it remains to be seen whether we deserve the boon.
Page 284 - ... man, thus ruined and undone, and made to play a subordinate part in this grand drama of guilt and treason; this man is to be called the principal offender; while he, by whom he was...
Page 265 - Yeoman, not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil...
Page 281 - To youthful ardor he presents danger and glory; to ambition, rank and titles and honors; to avarice, the mines of Mexico. To each person whom he addresses he presents the object adapted to his taste. His recruiting officers are appointed. Men are engaged throughout the continent. Civil...
Page 244 - the fact to be proved in this case is an act of public notoriety. It must exist in the view of the world or it cannot exist at all. The assembling of forces to levy war is a visible transaction; and numbers must witness it.
Page 19 - If they could have been permitted to pass a law for putting the government into the hands of an officer, they would certainly have prevented an election. But we thought it best to declare openly and firmly, one and all, that the day such an act passed, the middle States would arm, and that no such usurpation, even for a single day, should be submitted to.
Page 60 - How shall I describe to you my sensations and reflections at that moment. He had compelled me to promote over the heads of Lincoln, Clinton, Gates, Knox, and others, and even over Pinckney, one of his own triumvirates (Hamilton) the most restless, impatient, artful, indefatigable, and unprincipled intriguer in the United States...
Page 280 - Let us compare the two men and settle this question of precedence between them. It may save a good deal of troublesome ceremony hereafter. " Who Aaron Burr is, we have seen in part already. I will add, that beginning his operations in New York, he associates with him men whose wealth is to supply the necessary funds. Possessed of the main spring, his personal labor contrives all the machinery.
Page 165 - Burr; he is a man of inviolable honor and perfect discretion, formed to execute rather than project, capable of relating facts with fidelity, and incapable of relating them otherwise. He is thoroughly informed of the plans and intentions of...

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