Kidnapped: The Adventures of David Balfour

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Scribner, 1913 - Adventure stories - 289 pages
A sixteen-year-old orphan is kidnapped by his villainous uncle, but later escapes and becomes involved in the struggle of the Scottish highlanders against English rule.

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Page 39 - if you have no business at all, I will even be so unmannerly as to shut you out." "Stay, brother!" he cried. "Have you no fun about you? or do you want to get me thrashed? I've brought a letter from old Heasyoasy to Mr. Belflower." He showed me a letter as he spoke. "And I say, mate," he added, "I'm mortal hungry.
Page 87 - ... tumble one upon another into the forecastle, and clap-to the hatch upon the top. The round-house was like a shambles; three were dead inside, another lay in his death agony across the threshold; and there were Alan and I victorious and unhurt. He came up to me with open arms. "Come to my arms I" he cried, and embraced and kissed me hard upon both cheeks. "David," said he, "I love you like a brother.
Page 185 - The Lord thee keeps, the Lord thy shade on thy right hand doth stay: The moon by night thee shall not smite, nor yet the sun by day.
Page 88 - ... clearer still; and then out he burst with a great voice into a Gaelic song. I have translated it here, not in verse (of which I have no skill) but at least in the king's English. He sang it often afterwards, and the thing became popular; so that I have heard it, and had it explained to me, many 's the time. "This is the song of the sword of Alan ; The smith made it, The fire set it; Now it shines in the hand of Alan Breck.

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