In Korea with Marquis Ito: Part I, a Narrative of Personal Experiences, Part II. a Critical and Historical Inquiry, Part 1

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1908 - Korea - 477 pages
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Mr. Ladd seems to have written this book with a special bias in favor of the Imperial Japanese Empire. I think it is a irony and a cruel joke that this guy is supposed to have lectured on morality and religion because at best, his own ethics and morality seems to be questionable. Mr. Ladd should have first searched within himself to find true morality instead of embarking on a journey to diminish people of other races just to make his host nation (Japan) happy. He was a willing tool of the Japanese. This was the period when Japanese government was engaged in a propaganda campaign to justify its expansion. It painted Korea in a very negative way. The motive was obvious, he was shown what the Japanese wanted to show in an effort to justify its attempts at annexing Korea. It is no wonder that Mr. Ladd received several of the highest medals given by the Japanese government. His motives at painting the Korean people as week willed and uncivilized people who lack the ability to self govern becomes apparent especially when he fails to mention that it was the Korean navy that destroyed the Japanese navy during the seven year war several centuries earlier. Also, he goes onto say that the Korean walls served no purpose during that time because unlike the Japanese who would stand and fight to the bitter end, the Koreans just ran off from their fortifications when the enemy was approaching....this tone carries on endlessly even by describing a Korean man who was tasked to help him in a very negative way as if it was the general character of all Koreans and saying that the Korean people demonstrated its lack of ability to self govern....the whole work is a endless efforts at demonstrating why Korea should be ruled by Japan....I am very embarrassed that such a man as Mr. Ladd was produced by the higher institutions of education in the US. He was just a spokes man, a puppet of the Japanese empire....the filthy and unsanitary conditions, was also pointed many countries in the world before it was modernized had sanitary conditions in the big cities?...New york city was a cauldron of filth in the same period of early 1900s....and not too long ago, before the industrial revolution, many of the European nations was full of human excrement as well....all of these plus many others was brought up in an effort to show that the Koreans needed Japan to modernize. Hence, Justifying Japans expansion....It is true that the Korean dynasty was in disrepair, Korea was just transitioning out of the dark ages which was a result of a 500 yr dynasty....even the Roman empire did not last that long and it too was in chaos during its last days.....The Korean King was trying his best to modernize Korea. If they were left alone perhaps they would have caught up with Japan and just maybe they might have sur-passed Japan because without the Japaneses annexation and their loss to the allied forces in WWII, Korea might never have been divided into two countries.....for more info read Carole Cameron Shaw's book entitled: The Foreign Destruction of Korean Independence 

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