The Travels of Pietro Della Valle in India: From the Old English Translation of 1664, Volume 2

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Hakluyt Society, 1892 - India
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Page 277 - Shall feel no weariness : the forest thorns will seem like silken robes ; The bed of leaves a couch of down. To me the shelter of thy presence Is better far than stately palaces, and paradise itself. Protected by thy arm, gods, demons, men shall have no power to harm me.
Page 330 - This form of feeding I understand is generally used in all places of Italy, their forks being for the most part made of iron or steel, and some of silver, but those are used only by gentlemen. The reason of this their curiosity is, because the Italian cannot by any means endure to have his dish touched with fingers, seeing all men's fingers are not alike clean.
Page 1 - SOCIETY, which is established for the purpose of printing rare or unpublished Voyages and Travels, aims at opening by this means an easier access to the sources of a branch of knowledge, which yields to none in importance, and is superior to most in agreeable variety. The narratives of travellers and navigators make us acquainted with the earth, its inhabitants and productions ; they exhibit the growth of intercourse among mankind, with its effects on civilization, and, while instructing, they at...
Page 267 - Ancient Welsh Husbandry. Commercial and Agricultural Magazine, vol. 2, p. 181. [Fanciful Danger from Umbrellas.] " IN hot regions, to avoide the beames of the sunne, in some places (as in Italy) they carry umbrels, or things like a little canopy over their heads, but a learned physician told me, that the use of them was dangerous, because they gather the heate into a pyramidale point, and thence cast it down perpendicularly upon the head, except they know how to carry them for avoyding that danger.
Page 330 - I observed a custome in all those Italian cities and townes through which I passed, that is not used in any other country that I saw in my travels, neither doe I thinke that any other nation of Christendome doth use it, but only Italy. The Italian and also most strangers that are commorant in Italy, doe alwaies at their meales use a little forke when they cut their meat...
Page 228 - , which all the rest repeated in the same manner, and so forward in order. When the pavement was full of figures they put them out with the hand, and if need were, strew'd it with new sand from a little heap which they had before them wherewith to write further.
Page 228 - ... paper, pens, or ink, which certainly is a pretty way. I asked them, if they happened to forget or be mistaken in any part of the lesson, who corrected and taught them, they being all scholars, without the assistance of any master...
Page 227 - Temple, beholding little boys learning arithmetic after a strange manner, which I will here relate. They were four, and having all taken the same lesson from the master, in order to get that same by heart and repeat likewise their former lessons and not forget them, one of them singing musically with a certain continued tone (which hath the force of making deep impression in the memory) recited part of the lesson; as for example, "One by itself makes one", and whilst he was thus speaking he...
Page 227 - ; and whilst he was thus speaking he writ down the same number, not with any kind of pen, nor on paper, but (not to spend paper in vain) with his finger on the ground, the pavement being for that purpose...
Page 228 - ... all over with very fine sand; after the first had writ what he sung, all the rest sung and writ down the same thing together. Then the first boy sung and writ down another part of the lesson; as, for example, "Two by itself makes two", which all the rest repeated in the same manner, and so forward in order.

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