The Poets of Essex County, Massachusetts

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S. Perley, 1889 - American literature - 214 pages
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Page 181 - I long for household voices gone, For vanished smiles I long, But God hath led my dear ones on, And he can do no wrong. I know not what the future hath Of marvel or surprise, Assured alone that life and death His mercy underlies.
Page 127 - The Pilgrim Fathers— where are they? The waves that brought them o'er Still roll in the bay, and throw their spray As they break along the shore...
Page 180 - The world confess its sin. Yet, in the maddening maze of things, And tossed by storm and flood, To one fixed trust my spirit clings; I know that God is good...
Page 128 - The mists, that wrapped the pilgrim's sleep, Still brood upon the tide ; And his rocks yet keep their watch by the deep, To stay its waves of pride. But the snow-white sail, that he gave to the gale, When the heavens looked dark, is gone; As an angel's wing, through an opening cloud, Is seen, and then withdrawn.
Page 59 - Yet scorns the immortal mind this base control! No chains can bind it, and no cell enclose. Swifter than light, it flies from pole to pole, And in a flash from earth to heaven it goes! It leaps from mount to mount; from vale to vale It wanders, plucking honeyed fruits and flowers; It visits home, to hear the fireside tale, Or in sweet converse pass the joyous hours. 'T is up before the sun, roaming afar, And in its watches wearies every star!
Page 128 - Go stand on the hill where they lie. ' The earliest ray of the golden day On that hallowed spot is cast ; And the evening sun, as he leaves the world, Looks kindly on that spot at last. The pilgrim spirit has not fled : It walks in noon's broad light ; And it watches the bed of the glorious dead, With the holy stars by night.
Page 182 - I know not where His islands lift Their fronded palms in air ; I only know I cannot drift Beyond His love and care. O brothers ! if my faith is vain, If hopes like these betray, Pray for me that my feet may gain The sure and safer way. And Thou, O Lord ! by whom are seen Thy creatures as they be, Forgive me if too close I lean My human heart on Thee ! OUR MASTER.
Page 157 - When winds are raging o'er the upper ocean, And billows wild contend with angry roar, 'Tis said, far down, beneath the wild commotion, That peaceful stillness reigneth evermore.
Page 189 - Thou art the rock of empire, set mid-seas Between the East and West, that God has built ; Advance thy Roman borders where thou wilt, While run thy armies true with his decrees. Law, justice, liberty, — great gifts are these ; Watch that they spread where English blood is spilt, Lest, mixed and sullied with his country's guilt, The soldier's life-stream flow, and Heaven displease.
Page 157 - So to the heart that knows thy love, O Purest ! There is a temple sacred evermore, And all the babble of life's angry voices Dies, in hushed stillness, at its peaceful door.

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