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Keillor's parodies, satires, and whimsies—which have been appearing in The New Yorker since 1969—rarely provide big laughs or Perelmanic dazzle; but they do have an affectionate, easygoing, back-home quality that makes for a nice change from the clenched-up sparring of most New York-based humorists. (Keillor is Minnesota all the way.) Least distinctive of the 30 pieces collected here are obvious ... Read full review

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ISBN 0140092315 - To be honest, I'd like to get back the time I spent reading this book. It's not awful, it's not particularly good, but I found little in it that appealed to me and I wouldn't read it again. Keillor seems like the kind of guy it would be fun to have a drink with, but Happy To Be Here? Eh.
- AnnaLovesBooks

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