Annual Report of the United States Life-Saving Service

Front Cover
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908
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Page 310 - Clear the mouth and throat of mucus by introducing into the throat the corner of a handkerchief wrapped closely around the forefinger; turn the patient on the back, the roll of clothing being so placed...
Page 312 - ... minutes for the first hour, and as often thereafter as may seem expedient. Later manifestations : After reaction is fully established there is great danger of congestion of the lungs, and if perfect rest is not maintained for at least forty-eight hours it sometimes occurs that the patient is seized with great difficulty of breathing, and death is liable to follow unless immediate relief is afforded. In such cases apply a large mustard plaster over the breast.
Page 310 - Separate the jaws and keep them apart by placing between the teeth a cork or small bit of wood ; turn the patient on his face, a large bundle of tightly rolled clothing being placed beneath the stomach ; press heavily on the back over it for half a minute, or as long as fluids flow freely from the mouth.
Page 312 - If no assistance is at hand and one person must work alone, place the patient on his back with the shoulders slightly raised on a folded article of clothing; draw forward the tongue and keep it projecting just beyond the lips; if the lower jaw be lifted the teeth may be made to hold the tongue in place. It may be necessary to retain the tongue by passing a handkerchief under the chin and tying it over the head. Grasp the arms just below the elbows and draw them steadily upward by the sides of the...
Page 304 - Take particular care that there are no turns of the whip line round the hawser. To prevent this, take the end of the hawser up beticccn the parts of the whip before making it fast.
Page 303 - ... or fouling with wreckage, etc. Therefore, if you have been driven into the rigging, where but one or two men can work to advantage, cut the shot line and run it through some available block, such as the throat or peak halyards...
Page 310 - While this is being done let a third assistant take position astride the patient's hips with his elbows resting upon his own knees, his hands extended ready for action. Next, let the assistant standing at the head turn down the patient's arms to the sides of the body, the assistant holding the tongue, changing hands if necessary, to let the arms pass.
Page 303 - ... block, or any block which will afford a clear lead, or even between the ratlines, that as many as possible may assist in hauling. Attached to the...
Page 305 - When the hawser is got on board, the crew should at once make it fast to the same part of the ship as the...
Page 305 - In such a case a breeches buoy or life car will be hauled off instead by the whip or sent off to you by the shot line, and you will be hauled ashore through the surf. If your vessel is stranded during the night and discovered by the patrolman — which you will know by his burning a brilliant red light — keep a sharp lookout for signs of the arrival of the life-saving crew abreast of your vessel.

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