BEHIND SAD EYES: The Life of George Harrison

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Timely biography of the recently deceased former Beatle.Shapiro (Carlos Santana, not reviewed, etc.) makes the case for George Harrison (1943-2001), the so-called "Quiet Beatle," as the most iconoclastic and unconventional of the Fab Four. As an ambitious young rocker, Harrision was disillusioned by the hype machine ("All that big hassle to make it, only to end up as performing fleas") and ... Read full review

Review: Behind Sad Eyes: The Life of George Harrison

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When a celebrity passes away, that passing seems to serve as permission for some biographers to write about the dark side of the dearly departed. Marc Shapiro carries on this dubious tradition in BEHIND SAD EYES: The Life of George Harrison. As fans of the "Fab Four" will recall, Harrison was considered the "quiet Beatle," the spiritual one who kept to himself and was content to stay in the ... Read full review

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To dismiss a creative entity such as George Harrison simply by pointing to the same flaws that affect all human beings is both irrational and simplistic. Point to anyone's career from your mailman to Donald Trump, and you will find that people, regardless of their social status or financial position, lead hum drum lives that are only occasionally punctuated by great things.
George's life has been more than sufficiently punctuated by great contributions. His riffs in Beatles songs, and his splendid guitar style, and his vocal harmony are sufficient underpinning to substantiate him as a major innovator. His craftmanship as a songwriter is as good as any, and rivals that of the great Lennon/McCartney team. Look though any catalogue of any greast songwriter, and you will find the flops. George will not be ultimately judged by "Gone Troppo", just as Macca's greatness is noyt diminished by "Mary Had a Little Lamb", or Lennon by "The Luck of the Irish".
Biography like this and so many others prey on the humaness of a person like George, when after all, no superstar on earth is or can be any more that just human.

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