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1902 - Mechanical drawing - 88 pages
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Page 58 - A Segment is any part of a circle bounded by an arc and its chord.
Page 60 - Circular pitch is the distance from the centre of one tooth to the centre of the next tooth, measured along the pitch circle.
Page 59 - The circumference of every circle is supposed to' be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees ; each degree into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds. Degrees, minutes, and seconds are designated by the characters , ', ". Thus 23 14' 35" is read 23 degrees, 14 minutes, and 35 seconds.
Page 52 - The circular pitch is the distance along the pitch circle from the center of one tooth to the center of the next.
Page 28 - A hyperbola is a curve formed by a section of a cone, when the cutting plane makes a greater angle with the base than the side of the cone makes.
Page 58 - A sine of an arc is a right line drawn from one extremity of an arc perpendicular to a diameter passing through the other extremity, as AB.
Page 26 - ... arc is equal to the circumference of the base of the cone.
Page 80 - PITCH AND LEAD OF SCREW THREAD. The terms " pitch " and " lead " of screw threads are often confused. The pitch of a screw thread is the distance from the center of one thread to the center of the next thread, whether the screw has a single, double, triple, or quadruple thread.
Page 58 - Cir'cle, n. (L. circus) a line continued till it ends where it began, having all its parts equidistant from a common centre ; the space included in a circular line ; a round body ; an orb ; compass ; a surrounding company.
Page 48 - ... through the apex of the cone and parallel to the axis of the cylinder.

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