Transactions, Volume 9

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American Institute of Electrical Engineers., 1892 - Electric engineering
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"Index of current electrical literature" Dec. 1887-1890 appended to v. 5-7.

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Page 461 - ... number of votes for the respective offices, shall be declared duly elected...
Page 371 - Since the square of any polynomial is equal to the sum of the squares of each term separately plus twice the product of each term by every other term...
Page 243 - Chicago, in the space of about two square miles, or more exactly, one and a half miles in length by three-quarters of a mile in breadth...
Page 480 - ... of steel by examining its fracture, or say what an ore will yield from its appearance and weight in the hand, or predict the lifetime of a machine by feeling its pulse; when one in any art can make a diagnosis by looking the patient in the face rather than by reading about similar cases in a book, then only may he hope to practically apply such improvements as theory may suggest, or to lead in those original investigations upon which successful theories shall be founded.
Page 461 - These Rules may be amended at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present ; Provided, that written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given at a previous meeting...
Page 815 - The electricity will rush out from the terminal plates upon the mica sheet in long, glowing streamers, beating against the mica with a hissing noise and forming a broad electrostatic aurora of violet light, and still the mica will not break down.
Page 480 - ... body, that this wheeled and fire-feeding man feels rather than perceives the varying stresses upon his mighty organism. Mere familiarity with steam-engines is not, indeed, a cause of improved steam-engineering, but it is a condition. The mechanical laws of heat were not developed in an engine-house, yet without the mechanism which the knowledge derived through this familiarity has created and adapted, the study of heat would have been an ornamental rather than a useful pursuit. So in other departments....
Page 839 - College of the City of New York, 17 Lexington Ave., New York City.
Page 303 - Derivation and discussion of the general solution for the current flowing in a circuit containing resistance, selfinduction and capacity, with any impressed electromotive-force.
Page 468 - ... francs'? And of those who suppose that needless sums are expended by Harvard, Yale, and Cornell, how many know that the little Kingdom of Saxony, only half as large as Vermont, gives from its public treasury annually $400,000 to its university, although the institution itself has great wealth and the professors are supported mainly by the fees of students...

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