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Academic Freedom, D. P. BARRows, 451
Administration in the Modern College, M. A.
BRANNoN, 427
Advertising the University, 233
Agricultural, College, Organization of Courses in,
G. A. WoRKs, 144; Research, R. W. THATCHER,

American University Union in Europe, 164

Americanism and Prussianism, A Perplexed
Teacher, 202
ANDERsoN, J. E., Intelligence of Yale Freshmen,
Anniversary of Children's Year, 431
Army Tests, G. F. ARPs, and E. L. NoBLE, 233; at
Oberlin College, E. S. Jones, 389; in the High
School, I. N. MADSEN, 298, 625; J. E. ANDER-
soN, 417
ARPs, G. F., and E. L. NoBLE, Intelligence Ratings
according to Army Tests, 233
Athleties, Sanity in Relation to, P. K. HolMEs,

California, University of, Registration at, 75; In-
stitute of Technology, 222

Carnegie Corporation, Gift to the National Acad-

emy of Sciences and the National Research

Council. 192

CARR, J. w. Educational Legislation in Kentucky,

411 .

CARRINGTON, W. T., A Unique Plan in Vocational

Education, 501

CARY, C. P., Making of a State Department of

Public Instruction, 336

CHANCELLOR, W. E., Educational Sociology, 102
CHAMNEss, I. L., Centennial Educational Confer-
ence at indiana University, 719
CHARTERs, W. W., Light Reading, 323
CHASE, H. W., The State University and the South,

Chase, Harry Woodburn, 610

Chicago Schools, 433

Child Labor Day, 18

Children's Year, 313

Chinese Students, Intelligence of, G. D. WALcott,


Cincinnati Association of Public School Teachers,

Citizens Conference on Education, 628

Clark University, The Presidency of, 764

Cleveland, Teaching for Democracy, 517; Schools,

L. Salaries in, 645

JCoHN, C., Community Organizing in a Public Even-
ing School, 276

Collective Bargaining by Teachers, 558

College, and University Profession, Recruiting of,

W. C. CURTIs, 14; and Industry, C. S. ELL, 648;

Students Preparing to Teach, 684; Man's

Dream, A HIGHToweR PROFEssoR, 711

Colleges, and Interchurch World Movement, 165;
for Teachers—a Rejoinder, J. W. L. Morris,
412; and the Daily Press, 439
CoLTON, H. S., Research—a Neglected Function of
Elementary Science Courses in the University,
Columbia University, Supervision of Research at,
Community Organizing in a Public Evening School,
C. CoHN, 276
Continuation, Teachers in Great Britain, 87;
Schools, Functions of Part-time, T. W. Gosling,

Contracts, Teachers, R. V. HUNKINs, 25

Cost of Living, H., 619

Country Schools, F. M. FosTER, 170

CRATHORNE, A. R., Change of Mind as to Life

Work, 28

Cubberley on Public Education in the United
States, I. L. KANDEL, 205

Curriculum, Post War, W. W. Guth, 186
Curtis, W. C, Recruiting of the College and Uni-
versity Profession, 14; Promotion of Research

. by College and University Teachers, 44

/ Curtis, H. S., The Three R 's as Will Training, 439

Dartmouth College Entrance Requirements, 193,314

Davidson, P. E., German Language Legislation

and the Spirit of American Education, 301

Day, J. W., The Time Emphasis in Vocational Agri-


Deans of Women, Conference of, 329

Dbcou, E. E. Three-term versus Two-semester

Plan in the Summer Session, 261

Declaration, 776

Delinquency, Juvenile, M. I. Doeblin, 725, 757

Democracy, Teaching for, E. Cleveland, 517

Demonstration, G. J. Peirce, 350

Denver Schools, 135

Discussion and Correspondence, 25 52, 83, 112,

139, 170, 197, 228, 258, 290, 321, 350, 384, 412,

437, 468, 501, 528. 563, 589, 617, 648, 687, 711,

742, 768; C. W. ELIOT, 681

District of Columbia, Schools of, 432, 688, 713,


Doeblin, M. I., Juvenile Delinquency, 725, 757

Drinker, President, Resignation of, 611

Ell, C. S., College and Industry, 648

Education, Library and Post-school. W. W. Bishop,

1; Fallacious Economy in, E. D. Parsons, 10;

in Vermont, Conference on, 19; Mr. Rockefeller's

Gifts for, 20, 191 705; in the South, Public, E.

W. Knight, 31; Medievalism in, M. V. 0'8hea,

52; of the Rural Ministry, L. L. Bernard, 68;

of the Feelings, J. R. Jewell, 151; Elective

Boards of, 251; and its costs, 295; No Politics

in, 398; Method in, I. W. Howerth, 481; Sec-

ondary, F. A. Vanderlip, 553; Federal Depart-

ment of, C. H. Judd, 661; National Leadership

and National Support for, G. D. Strayer, 674;

Centralization in, X., 770; Educational Events,

18, 46, 73, 104, 132, 164, 191, 220, 251, 284, 313,

343, 374, 405, 431, 462, 495, 522, 555, 582, 609,

643, 683, 708, 737, 761; Research and Statistics,

28, 58, 117, 147, 208, 233, 265, 298, 327, 354, 389,

417, 441, 474, 507, 533, 567, 598, 629, 656, 714,

747, 777; Notes and News, 22, 50, 76, 107, 136,

167, 194, 223, 254, 287, 316, 346, 378, 408, 434,

464, 500, 525, 559, 586, 612, 646, 685, 708, 740,

764; Aims and Scientific Methods, B. II. Bode,
38; Ideals and Ancient Universities, W. N.
Shaw, 61; Sociology, W. E. Chancellor, 102;
E. B. Reuter, 112; G. F. Wells, 131; Bill,
Smith-Towner, 134; Ideals of To-day, L. R.
Harley, 310; Conference in Washington, 499;
Vaudeville, C. H. Benjamin, 694; A Modest
Proposal for the Present Crisis, A Renegade
Teacher, 742
Eliot, C. W., Discussion, 681; West Point, 745
Engelhardt, F. W., Organization of Teachers, 468
English, Schools, Thrift in, B. R. A., 113; Private
Schools and Pensions Act, 203; Salaries in Sec-

■--.ondary Schools, 262; New York State Teachers

of, 284; National Council of Teachers of, 359;

Themes, Accuracy of Grading, M. J. Van Waq-

Enen, 441; Medical Inspection in Secondary and

Continuation Schools, 705; Universities, Women
in, 777
England, Supply of Teachers in, 620

Faculties in University Government and Adminis-
tration, 592, 621, 652

Far East, American College and Universities in the,

K. 8. Latourette, 321

Federation American, The Chicago Conference, 47

Feelings, the Education of, J. R. Jewell, 151

Ferguson, M. J., Universal Library Service, 703

Finley, J. H., Index of State School Systems of

the Sage Foundation, 768

Fitzpatrick, E. A., Problems before the Normal

Schools of Wisconsin, 241

Foreign Students and British Commerce, 417

Foster, President, Resignation of, 106

Foster, F. M., Country Schools, 170

Freedom of High-school Principal, Alleged Limi-

tation, 763

French, Study of, R. S. Phelps, 486

Friedland, L. S., Workers' University of Ladies

Garment Workers' Union, 348

Geography, for the Junior-senior High School, J.-

P. Goode, 97

German, Language Legislation and the Spirit of

American Education, P. E. Davidson, 301; Uni-

versities in Defeat, 439

Gerrish, W. C, If I were a Headmaster, 400

Goggio, E., Italian and Spanish, 173

Goode, J. P., Geography in the Junior-senior High

School, 97

Gosling, T. W., Part-time Continuation Schools,


Grammar Test, T. J. Kirby, 714

Great Britain, Educational Situation in, E. C. M.,


Greek at Oxford, 405

Greene, J. H. Definitions of the Project, 502

Greene, H. A., Two Methods of Evaluating Tes^

Materials, 777

Gunthorp, H., and E. L. Mudge, Research Con-

tribution of the Smaller Colleges, 656

Guth, W. W., Post War Curriculum, 186

H., The Cost of Living, 619 ■*•*'

Hancock, H., Colleges for Teachers, 139 ^.

Harley, L. R., Educational Ideals of To-day, 310

Harris, M. A., Questionnaire on the Function of

the College, 530

Harvard, Graduate School of Education, 166, 285;
Salaries, 375; Engineering School and Indus-
trial Work, 434; Tradition of Freedom at, 470;
Teachers' Association, 540, 661; Admission Re-
quirements, 556
Headmaster, If I Were a, W. C. Gerrish, 400
Heller, O., The Overpaid Professor, 121
High-school Work, The Time Element in, V. L.
Strickland, 117; Students of Ability as Teach-
ers, J. H. Kelley, 504
Hightower Professor, A College Man's Dream,

Holiday, Profit and Loss of, W. J. Mutch, 258

Holliday, C, Junior Colleges—if, 211

Holmes, H. W., Normal School Curriculum, 550

Holmes, P. K., Physical Education and Academic

Credit, 160; Sanity in Relation to Athletics, 617

HoLTON, E. L., Methods of Presenting Subject-
matter, 58 |
Home Economics, Demonstration house of, 583
Hosic, J. F., School Reading Books, 179; Demo-
cratization of Supervision, 331
HoweRTH, I. W., Method in Education, 481
HUGHEs, P., and T. L. BoLTON, Reform of the
Point-credit System, 506
HUNKINs, R. V., Teachers’ Contracts, 25
HUNT, C. W., Extensive Reading and Reading
Ability, 260
HUTsINPILLAR, J., Vocational Guidance and Schol-
arship, 125
Hylan, Mayor, as an Educational Expert, 738

Ignorant “Educated” and the Universities, A. C.
L. BRow N, 197
Indiana University, Centennial Educational Con-
ference at, I. L. CHAMNEss, 719
Indictment of American Universities, 565
Industrial, Worker as a College Student, C.
BULGER, 265; Cost Accounting in a Municipal
University, A. M. STowe, 327
Industry, Why I remain in, 143
Intelligence, Ratings and the Army Alpha Test,
E. L. NoBLE, and G. F. ARPs, 233; According to
the Army Alpha Tests, I.N. Mansen, 298; Tests
of Yale Freshmen, J. E. ANDERson, 417; Test
Correlations, G. C. MYERs, 528

James, William, and the Professor's Salary, E. L.
JEWELL, J. R., The Education of Feelings, 151
JoHNSON, E. H., College Teachers Salaries and
Rank, 90
JoNEs, A. J., The Retarded Child, 241
Jones, E. S., The Army Tests and Oberlin College
Freshmen, 389
Jones, V. L., Myths and Myth Makers, 83
JoRDAN, A. M., Army Alpha Tests, 354
JoHDAN, R. H., New Wine for Old Bottles, 260
JUDD, C. H., The Federal Department of Education,
Junior Colleges—if, C. HollidAY, 211; Confer-
ence of Representatives from, 780; Juvenile De-
linquency, M. I. DoEBLIN, 725, 757

KANDEL, I. L., Cubberley on Public Education in
the United States, 205
Kansas, Teachers Emergency Week in, 463; City,
Part-time Schools and Trade in, 583
KELLEY, J. H., Why High School Students of Abil-
ity should teach, 504
KELLEY, T. L., Elementary Statistics in High-
school Mathematics as a Socializing Agency, 128
KENNEDY, J., Tu Quoque Brubacker, 84
Kentucky, Education Legislation in, J. W. CARR,
KIRBY, T. J., A Grammar Test, 714

Laborer and His Hire, QUINTUs SECUNDUs, 713
LANDs.TTEL., F. C., Ohio School Revenue Bill, 319
LAToURETTE, K. S., The Far East in American
Colleges and Universities, 321
Library, and Post-school Education, W. W.
BIsHoP, 1; Work at Cleveland, 135; High-school,

and the Teacher-librarian Movement, J. E.
MoRGAN, 188; and School 207; Salaries, Col-
lege and University, J. I. WYER, JR., 351;
Anglo-American, for Central Europe, 597;
Service, Universal, M. J. FERGUsoN, 703
Life-work, Change of Plan for, A. R. CRATHORNE,
Lockwood-Donohue Bill in the New York Legisla-
ture, 464
Lodge, Sir Oliver, Retirement of, 132
London, Supply of Teachers, 343; Unrest among
Teachers of, 497, 555; University, Commerce
Course in, 582; Government Provision of a
Site for, 737
Los Angeles Summer Session, 529
Louisville Public Schools. 611
Loyalty, Intelligent, T. H. BRIGGs, 769
LYTLE, E. B., The Bode Theory of Transfer ap-
plied to the Teaching of Mathematics, 457

M., E. C., Educational Situation in Great Britain,
McCoNAUGHY, G. L., Teaching as a Calling, 691
MADSEN, I. N., Intelligence Ratings according to
the Army Alpha Test, 298, 625
MADIsoN, E., The Teacher Librarian, 469
MANUEL, H. T., Save the Schools, 493
Maryland Superintendency, 739
Mathematical Requirements, The National Com-
mittee on, J. W. Y., 110, 343, 775
Mathematics, The Bode Theory of Transfer applied
to the Teaching of, E. B. LYTLE, 457
Axwell, C. R., Effective Supervision, 214
Maxwell, William H., 591, 760
MAY, M. A., Examinations in Psychology and
ic, 533 -**
Method in Education, I. W. HoweRTH, 481 "
Methods, of Presenting Subject-matter, E. L.
HoLTON, 58; of Teaching by College Faculty,
W. S. TAYLOR, 293
MILLsPAUGH, The Late J. F., The Pupil Himself,
Ministry, Rural, Education of, L. L. BERNARD, 68
Minnesota, Community school Building, 314
MITCHELL, L. B., Vocational Training, 563
MooRE, C. B., School Training of Wounded Sol-
diers, 749
MoRGAN, J. L., High School Library and Teacher-
librarian Movement, 188; Recreation Books,
Motivation of the Professional Course in the Nor-
... mal School, A. A. RICHARDs, 732
MoRRIs, J. W. L., Colleges for Teachers—a Re-
joinder, 412 \
MUDGE, E. L., and H. GUNTHORP, The Research
Contribution of the Smaller Colleges, 656
MURDock, K., Race Differences in New York City,
MUTCH, W. J., Profit and Loss of a Holiday, 258
MYERs, G. C., Intelligence Test Correlations, 528
Myths and Myth Makers, V. L. JoNEs, 83

National, Education Association, The Questionnaire
of, 221; Cleveland Meeting, 344; Dominant Edu-
cation Interests at the, M. V. O'SHEA, 381, 344;
The Salt Lake Meeting, 345, 553, 629, 690; So-
ciety for the Study of Education, G. M.
WHIPPLE, 358; University, A Real, 416; Chil-

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