Contemporary History of the World

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T. Y. Crowell, 1899 - History, Modern - 173 pages
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Page 154 - A house divided against itself cannot stand.' I believe that this Government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. It will become all one thing, or all the other.
Page 122 - The deputies cannot take State office, pensions, and salaries; but the ministers are exempted from this law. Both Congress and Senate meet every year. The...
Page 135 - ... in the port of Liverpool, and its equipment and armament in the vicinity of Terceira through the agency of the vessels called the Agrippina and the Bahama, dispatched from Great Britain to that end, that the British government failed to use due diligence in the performance of its neutral obligations; and especially that it omitted, notwithstanding the warnings and official representations made by the diplomatic agents of the United States during the construction of the said number "290...
Page 87 - To put an end to these incessant armaments and to seek the means of warding off the calamities which are threatening the whole world — such is the supreme duty which is today imposed on all States.
Page iii - Outlines the most prominent political events in Europe and North America during the last fifty years.
Page 36 - The North German parliament, in unison with the princes of Germany, approaches with the prayer that your Majesty will deign to consecrate the work of unification by accepting the imperial crown of Germany.
Page 152 - Buchanan, Mason, and Soule, the American ministers to Great Britain, France, and Spain, met at Ostend to consult as to the measures necessary for its acquisition (1854).
Page 135 - Washington to five arbitrators, to be appointed by the President of the United States, the Queen of Great Britain, the King of Italy, the President of the Swiss Confederation and the Emperor of Brazil.
Page 114 - ... the Amendments to the American Constitution. The political life of the nation has since been summed up in the application and extension of its organic charter. The Federal Assembly, exercising legislative functions, has taken the place of the ancient powerless Diet. The executive power is centred in a Federal Council of seven members, elected by the Federal Assembly for three years. This Federal Assembly is modelled after the American Congress. It consists of a State Council, wherein two deputies...
Page iv - ... clergy, was pre-existent and inherited; the other, the nobility, developed from the clients of the Germanic chieftains, was new. Between and beside these two castes, which possessed their special culture, it was very difficult for the main exponent of the new culture to rise. This was the city, which, for the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire, united and represented all branches of culture. After the twelfth century, it even took art out of the hands of the hierarchy, for the great...

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