Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and Other Courts: With Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters, Volume 3

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Page 166 - Cuba to Liverpool^ with liberty in that voyage " to proceed and sail to, and touch and stay at any ports or places whatsoever, and with leave to discharge and take in, at any ports or places she might touch at, without prejudice to that insurance;
Page 268 - The following certificate was afterwards sent. This case has been argued before us by counsel; we have considered it, and are of opinion, that, in the execution of the power of removal given by the schedule annexed to the indenture of feoffment, dated the 1st
Page 172 - but his Lordship reserved the point for the opinion of this Court, as to whether the action was maintainable or not; and a rule having been accordingly obtained last Hilary term, to shew cause why this verdict should not be set aside and a nonsuit entered, the Court after argument, by Lens Serjt. for the Plaintiff, and
Page 301 - damages, subject to the award of a barrister, to whom all matters in difference between the parties were referred, and it was also ordered, that the costs of the suit, to be taxed, should abide the event of the award, and that the costs of the reference and award, and of the special jury to
Page 76 - the opinion of the Court is, whether, under the circumstances above stated, the Plaintiff is entitled to recover. If the Court should be of that opinion, the verdict is to stand, but if of a contrary opinion, a verdict is to be entered for the Defendant.
Page 15 - from the Defendant, by virtue of and under his letter of the 27th April, 1815, and the question for the opinion of the Court is — Whether the Plaintiffs are entitled to recover that sum from the Defendant? If the Court should be of
Page 42 - them in some cases called in aid to show that a man did not mean to die intestate as to any part of his property:" and his Lordship adds, what I admit weakens the force of his preceding observations, " and the making a will at all may also be used as affording such an inference.
Page 143 - Geo. 1. c. 15., secondly, that the remuneration, having been received for something done out of the course of official duty, was not an extortion within the meaning of either statute. A verdict having been found for the Plaintiffs, with liberty for the Defendants to move to set it aside and enter a nonsuit, and
Page 249 - purporting to be her will, dated the 25th August, 1819, and which was signed and published by her, in the presence of, and attested by three credible witnesses, and such will was as follows: " This is the last will and testament of me, Margaret Langley, of
Page 254 - and he urged that, in cases of ambiguity, the law preferred the paternal line. Dougl. 778. " Cur. adv. vult. The following certificate was afterwards sent: This case has been argued before us by counsel, we have considered it, and are of opinion, First, That the