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poorest quality - "a $ 4 million research project" ? - there is no scientific ground at all - a lot of claims by patching together demographic stats and personal anecdotes; brilliant rhetoric in making believe the new generation would be much "smarter" than previous ones; in making believe that the "net generation" is restless because of their enormous intelligence and better brain structures and an education system that is demanding too little from them.
You want to have advise from Don Tapscott? -> read p.119: chapter: "Seven guidelines for a sharper mind:"
1st advise:
"1. Work on your wiring - play a new instrument, learn a second language, or pick up a taxi route. You can do it; you have lifelong neuroplasticity on your side."
(neuroplasticity refers to the capabilities of adaptable brain structures - in fact this is nothing new - the brains of all previous generations have the same capability)
I like to remove the 1-star in the rating because this book is not worth to receive any attention - but there is no remove-button provided so at least I've chosen the lowest rating.
btw: the German translation of this book received no rating at all.

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A must-read for any non-net-genner, especially those in academic admin. roles.

Review: Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World

User Review  - Junita Riany - Goodreads

This book gives me a good insight of how using web 2.0 to enable lots of new activities and trends. It also explicitly states that web 2.0 has changing the world we are living. Read full review

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