Turning Lathes: A Manual for Technical Schools and Apprentices. A Guide to Turning, Screw-cutting, Metal-spinning, &c. With 194 Illustrations

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James Lukin
E. & F.N. Spon, 1888 - Lathes - 160 pages
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Page 162 - By ERNEST SPON. Contents : — Bookbinding — Bronzes — Candles — Cement — Cleaning — Concretes — Dyeing — Electro-Metallurgy — Enamels — Engraving — Etching — Firework Making — Freezing — Fulminates — Furniture Creams, Oils, Polishes, Lacquers, and Pastes — Gilding — Glass Cutting — Glass Making — Graining — Gums — Horn Working — India-rubber — Ink — Japans — Lacquers — Marble Working — Matches — Mortars — Paper Hanging...
Page 162 - Waterproofing — rubber goods, cuprammonium processes, miscellaneous preparations. Packing and Storing articles of delicate odour or colour, of a deliquescent character, liable to ignition, apt to suffer from insects or damp, or easily broken. Embalming and Preserving anatomical specimens. Leather...
Page 162 - Acidimetry and Alkalimetry. Albumen. Alcohol. Alkaloids. Baking-powders. Bitters. Bleaching. Boiler Incrustations. Cements and Lutes. Cleansing. Confectionery. Copying. Disinfectants. Dyeing, Staining, and Colouring. Essences. Extracts. Fireproofing. Gelatine, Glue, and Size. Glycerine. Gut. Hydrogen peroxide, Ink.
Page 185 - It can be used for inside or outside screw-cutting, or other work requiring uniformity. It saves time from insufficiency of -cut. It prevents the breaking of tools, or the work being torn out from the centres. It is a reliable stop for ornamental drilling and fluting. While the Lathe is cutting this can be adjusted for the following cut. It only requires to be bolted upon the saddle of a Screw-cutting Lathe, and a projecting stud or screw fixed in the middle slide engages the stop. It can also be...
Page 158 - XVII., is a convenient tool for boring ; a small cylinder can be gripped in the vice and bored with accuracy by following the lines already given, but it is not well to stop until the cut is through. The remarks already offered concerning Ornamental Work apply even more forcibly to the use of the combination chuck.
Page 157 - XVIII.) until the flute is the required depth, then set it by the division holes for the next groove, and so on, until the job is completed. We will now suppose a slot is to be cut in a rod. Place the rod in the V gap, fasten down by the screws G.
Page 175 - Best having a swivel arrangement, accurately graduated, for turning taper or conical work to any desired angle. The bottom cover, extending full length, excludes turnings and dirt from the screw and slide. The materials are of the best. Screws are cast steel, gunmetal nuts, Born handles, improved tool box, with hardened steel screws.
Page 162 - ... anatomical specimens ; leather polishes ; cooling air and water ; producing low temperatures, making ice, cooling syrups and solutions and separating salts from liquors by refrigeration ; pumps and syphons, embracing every useful contrivance for raising and supplying water on a moderate scale, and moving corrosive...
Page 174 - ... with planed faces at right-hand end. The metal is carefully distributed, so that the Lathe is quite rigid under the heaviest cutting strain ; the leading screw is of steel, accurately cut, and extends full length of bed. It has a double clam gunmetal nut, actuated by eccentric movement to engage and release the saddle, the latter having also a quick hand traverse by rack, pinion, and doublepurchase gearing. The Lathe is fitted complete with back traversing stay, 22 changewheels, index plate,...
Page 157 - XVII.) is used, and the centre line of the tap adjusted to the centre of the tool; or if the tap is a little below the centre of the tool, it gives a more decided cutting edge, thus, J (one size tool will do several sizes of taps).

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