Odes: With a Vocabulary and Some Account of the Horatian Metres Etc, Volume 2

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Page 3 - Divesne prisco natus ab Inacho Nil interest an pauper et infima De gente sub divo moreris, Victima nil miserantis Orci. Omnes eodem cogimur, omnium 25 Versatur urna serius ocius Sors exitura et nos in aeternum Exsiliuim impositura cumbae.
Page 10 - ... sperat infestis, metuit secundis alteram sortem bene praeparatum pectus. informis hiemes reducit luppiter, idem summovet. non, si male nunc, et olim sic erit: quondam cithara tacentem suscitat Musam neque semper arcum tendit Apollo. 20 rebus angustis animosus atque fortis appare; sapienter idem contrahes vento nimium secundo turgida vela.
Page 7 - Barine, nocuisset unquam; Dente si nigro fieres, vel uno Turpior ungui, Crederem. Sed tu, simul obligasti Perfidum votis caput, enitescis Pulchrior multo, juvenumque prodis Publica cura.
Page 116 - WITH ENGLISH VOCABULARIES. EDITED BY JOHN T. WHITE, DD OXON. MESSRS. LONGMANS & CO. desire to call attention to the important Series of very cheap Grammar-School Texts (Latin and Greek) which they are now publishing, each containing between one and two hundred paces, 32mo, in strong cloth binding, and sold at prices varying from Nmepence to Half-a-Crown.
Page 14 - Linquenda tellus et domus et placens Uxor, neque harum, quas colis, arborum Te praeter invisas cupressos Ulla brevem dominum sequetur.
Page 13 - Eheu fugaces, Postume, Postume, Labuntur anni nec pietas moram Rugis et instanti senectae Adferet indomitaeque morti, Non, si trecenis, quotquot eunt dies.
Page iii - Moreover, as an acquaintance with the principles of GRAMMAR, as well as with ETYMOLOGY, is necessary to the understanding of a language, such points of construction as seem to require elucidation are concisely explained under the proper articles, or a reference is simply made to that rule in the Public Schools Latin Primer, or in Parry's Elementary Greek Grammar, which meets the particular difficulty. It occasionally happens, however, that more information is needed than can be gathered from the...
Page 19 - Salis avarus ? Pellitur paternos In sinu ferens deos Et uxor et vir sordidosque natos.
Page 2 - Gadibus jungas, et uterque Poenus Serviat uni. Crescit indulgens sibi dirus hydrops, Nec sitim pellit, nisi causa morbi Fugerit venis, et aquosus albo 1 5 Corpore languor.
Page 117 - LIVY, BOOKS XXII. and XXIII. The Latin Text with English Explanatory and Grammatical Notes, and a Vocabulary of Proper Names. Edited by JOHN T. WHITE, DD Oxon.

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