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J. van Voorst, 1859 - Anthropology
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Page 308 - Through AGNI the worshipper obtains that affluence, which increases day by day, which is the source of fame and the multiplier of mankind. 4. AGNI, the unobstructed sacrifice of which thou art on every side the protector, assuredly reaches the gods. 5. May AGNI, the presenter of oblations, the attainer of knowledge ; he who is true, renowned, and divine, come hither with the gods ! 6.
Page 176 - A large number of slaves had been caught this day, and in the course of the evening, after some skirmishing, in which three Bornu horsemen were killed, a great many more were brought in ; altogether they were said to have taken one thousand, and there were certainly not less than five hundred. To our utmost horror, not less than one hundred and seventy full-grown men were mercilessly slaughtered in cold blood, the greater part of them being allowed to bleed to death, a leg having been severed from...
Page 163 - All the Batoka tribes follow' the curious custom of knocking out the upper front teeth at the age of puberty. This is done by both sexes : and though the under teeth, being relieved from the attrition of the upper, grow long and somewhat bent out, and thereby cause the under lip to protrude in a most unsightly way, no young woman thinks herself accomplished until she has got rid of the upper incisors.
Page 313 - The Brahmin eats but his own food ; wears but his own apparel ; and bestows but his own in alms ; through the benevolence of the Brahmin indeed other mortals enjoy life.
Page 154 - As we go westward, we observe the light color predominating over the dark, and then again, when we come within the influence of damp from the sea air, we find the shade deepen into the general blackness of the coast population.
Page 313 - Whatever exists in the universe, is all in effect (though not in form), the wealth of the Brahman, since the Brahman is entitled to it all by his primogeniture and eminence of birth.
Page 506 - Handbook of the English Language. For the use of Students of the Universities and the Higher Classes in Schools. By RG Latham, MA MD &c.
Page 442 - We are ignorant of what it is good to ask for. You know what is good for us. Give it to us.
Page 275 - The great god Ormuzd, (he it was) who gave this earth, who gave that heaven, who gave mankind, who gave life to mankind, who made Darius king, as well the king of the people as the lawgiver of the people.
Page 267 - ... broad, out of which issues a constant flame, in colour and gentleness not unlike a lamp that burns with spirits, only more pure.

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