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Get your facts straight, Stingray wasn't cancelled because Nick Mancuso was " no James Garner" it was cancelled because Michael Mann had a new show, and since he had Crime Story and Miami Vice which were huge hits, they needed a slot. Stingray was doing 21 to 24 and it's audience base was building.Miami Vice was doing 31.
The new show got 13. And the Tuesday night slot never did numbers again. The networks were losing 5 percent a year and the downward spiral continued. A few years later Warren Littlefield called Cannell wanting to reorder the show.
"We cancelled a hit" He told Steve. Steve called me up to reorder the show but I was locked into a contract on a new series.
You have a right to show prejudice against me, and a right not to like my work, and the kind of show Stingray was but get your information from correct sources.There was a reason it got a huge opening.the audience like it, and your analysis as to why it failed is bogus.
It's irritating as an actor to read this kind of prejudicial crap.
Nick Mancuso

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