Of Anagrams: A Monograph Treating of Their History from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time; with an Introduction, Containing Numerous Specimens of Macaronic Poetry, Punning Mottoes, Rhopalic, Shaped, Equivocal, Lyon, and Echo Verses, Alliteration, Acrostics, Lipograms, Chronograms, Logograms, Palindromes, Bouts Rimés

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author, 1862 - Anagrams - 186 pages

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Page 36 - Forcing the valleys to repeat The accents of his sad regret. He beat his breast, and tore his hair, For loss of his dear crony bear, That Echo from the hollow ground His doleful wailings did resound More wistfully, by many times, Than in small poets...
Page 19 - As for altars and pyramids in poetry, he has outdone all men that way ; for he has made a gridiron and a frying-pan in verse, that, besides the likeness in shape, the very tone and sound of the words did perfectly represent the noise that is made by these utensils, such as the old poet called Sartago loquendi.
Page 127 - After, where ES, and next where U was graved. When I had got these parcels, instantly I sat me down to spell them, and perceived That to my broken heart he was I ease you, And to my whole is JESU.
Page 36 - Then what has quell'd thy stubborn heart ? Have these bones rattled, and this head So often in thy quarrel bled ? Nor did I ever winch or grudge it For thy dear sake. ' Quoth she, ' Mum budget. ' ' Think'st thou 'twill not be laid i' th' dish Thou turn'dst thy back ? ' Quoth Echo,
Page 117 - I see you build much on anagrams, and I have found out one which I hope will fit you.' This said, and reading it aloud, he put it into her hands in writing; which happy fancy brought that grave court into such a laughter, and the poor woman thereupon into such a confusion, that afterward she grew either wiser, or was less regarded.
Page 33 - HEAVEN. O WHO will show me those delights on high ? ECHO. I. Thou, Echo ? thou art mortal, all men know. ECHO. No. Wert thou not born among the trees and leaves ? ECHO.
Page 53 - ... filled up the spaces between the officers, were such dwarfs, cripples, and scarecrows, that one could hardly look upon them without laughing. There were behind the acrostics two or three files of chronograms, which differed only from the former, as their officers were equipped (like the figure of Time) with an hour-glass in one hand, and a scythe in the other, and took their posts promiscuously among the private men whom they commanded. In the body of the temple, and before the very face of the...
Page 37 - To run from those th' hadst overcome Thus cowardly ? ' Quoth Echo, ' Mum. ' ' But what a vengeance makes thee fly From me too, as thine enemy ? Or, if thou hast no thought of me, Nor what I have endur'd for thee, Yet shame and honour might prevail To keep thee thus from turning tail : For who would grudge to spend his blood in His honour's cause 1 ' Quoth she,
Page 36 - Things of which she nothing knows ; And when she has said all she can say, 'Tis wrested to the lover's fancy. Quoth he, "O whither, wicked Bruin, Art thou fled to my " Echo, Ruin ? " I thought th' hadst scorn'd to budge a step For fear.
Page 34 - Echo, thou art mortall, all men know. Echo. No. Wert thou not born among the trees and leaves ? Echo. Leaves. And are there any leaves that still abide ? Echo. Bide. What leaves are they ? impart the matter wholly. Echo. Holy. Are holy leaves the echo then of blisse ? Echo.

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