Royal United Service Institution Journal, Volume 50

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Page 142 - net. A HISTORY OF THE SIEGE OF GIBRALTAR, 17791783. With a description and account of that garrison from the earliest times. By JOHN DRINKWATER, Captain in the
Page 372 - says : " He that commands the sea is at great liberty, and may take as much and as little of the war as he will,"
Page 434 - vero propria et peculiaria hujus urbis vitia paene in. utero matris concipi mihi videntur, histrionalis favor et gladiatorum equorumque studia, quibus occupatus et obsessus animus quantulum loci bonis artibus relinquit ? quotum quemque invenies qui domi quidquam
Page iii - 1809, between 14,000 British, under Sir John Moore, and 20,000 French, under Soult, who was endeavouring to prevent the British from embarking. The French attacks were uniformly repulsed, and the troops safely embarked, with a loss of about 800, including Sir John Moore. The French lost about
Page 342 - Machinery.—In consequence of the extension of the application of electric motors for driving auxiliary machinery and for ships' purposes generally where applicable, larger installations of generating machinery are being fitted in vessels under construction, and those on the more modern completed vessels are being increased as the ships are taken in hand for large
Page 245 - scheme of the country, inaugurated seventeen years ago, requires from time to time, as progress is mad'e in the construction of emplacements and armament, additional personnel for the care of guns and materiel and the instruction of men in their use.
Page 342 - completed, and trials with five of the latest types of watertube boilers, together with instructional work, are in regular progress there. The oil fuel installations in the " Mars " and the " Hannibal " are being brought up to date, and, as opportunity affords, oil fuel appliances are being fitted to HM ships
Page 342 - provided for during the present year. As the result of experience, it has been decided to replace the set of reciprocating machinery fitted in the " Velox " (turbinepropelled torpedoboat destroyer) for use at low speeds, by turbines adapted for cruising powers. Liquid Fuel.—The experimental oil fuel establishment at Haslar has
Page 341 - distilling plant has been supplied to each battleship which was below latest standard in this respect, when coming in hand for large refit. All new ships are to be supplied with independent machines for icemaking and for cold storage. Standardization.—The extended policy adopted last year of making the main and auxiliary machinery of ships of the same class

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