First French class book, or, A practical and easy method of learning the French language. [With] Key

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Page 64 - CLYDE'S (Dr) Greek Syntax, with Notice by Professor Blackie.... 4 0 DYMOCK'S Caesar, with Notes, Index, and Map of Gaul 4 0 Sallust, with Notes and Index, reduced to 2 0 EDINBURGH ACADEMY CLASS-BOOKS : — Rudiments of the Latin Language 2 0 Latin Delectus, with Vocabulary 3 0 Rudiments of the Greek Language 3 6 Greek Extracts, with Vocabulary and Index 3 6 Ciceronis Opera Selecta, published at 4s.
Page 64 - Ruddiman's Latin Rudiments 1 6 Sallust, with Notes, reduced to 1 6 Virgil, with Critical Notes, reduced to 2 6 Horace, with various Readings, reduced to 2 0 Livy's History, Books XXI. to XXV., with Notes 4 0 LATIN Testament by Beza, revised by Dickinson 3 6...
Page 63 - D. Entry, by Trotter 2 6 Book-keeping, by S. & D. Entry, by Trotter, separately 2 0 Two Ruled Writing Books for Ditto: Single Entry 1 6 , Double Entry 1 ,6 INGRAM'S Principles of Arithmetic, Improved Edition [Key, 2s.
Page 6 - Christian names" cannot be predicated of John individually, or of William individually, or of James individually ; it is only true of them collectively : Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, are the four seasons of the year; but the substantive, seasons, cannot be predicated of spring separately, or of summer separately, or of autumn separately, or of winter separately ; it is only applicable to them when taken together. The same observation is transferable to time. The apostle Paul states, that
Page 64 - Latin Dictionary, by Duncan 9 0 CICERO'S Orationes Selectae, by Professor Ferguson 1 6 Cato Major, Laelius, &c., by Professor Ferguson 1 6 De Officiis, by Professor Ferguson 1 6 CLYDE'S (Dr) Greek Syntax, with Notice by Professor Blackie 4 0 DYMOCK'S...
Page 64 - Books I, VI, XX, and XXIV, with a copious Vocabulary, by J. Fergusson, MD 3 6 HUNTER'S Ruddiman's Latin Rudiments » 1 6 Sallust, with Notes, reduced to...
Page 63 - SCOTT'S First Lessons in Arithmetic [Answers, 6d..] 0 6 Mental Calculation Text-Book, Pupil's Copy 0 6 Teacher's Copy. 0 6 WritingCopy Books, with Engraved Headings, in a progressive Series of 20 numbers : Post Paper, 4d. ; Medium Paper, each 0 3 Copy Lines, 30 Sorts each 0 4 SMITH'S Practical Arithmetic for Junior Classes [Answers, 6d.] 0 6 Practical Arithmetic for Senior Classes [Answers, 6d.] 2 0 Key to Ditto 2 6 STEWART'S First Lessons in Arithmetic [Answers, 6d.] 0 6 Practical Arithmetic, Improved...
Page 25 - La colère est à la fois le plus aveugle , le plus violent et le plus vil des conseillers : Sparte se vengea bassement de Conon, et sacrifia les intérêts de la Grèce à ses ressentimens.
Page 58 - Quelquesuns sont partis, mais d'autres sont restés, ua o isi, àe nonofo isi. Qui QUE CE SOIT : à qui que ce soit que vous parliez, soyez toujours poli. Cette phrase peut se tourner ainsi en Samoan : 1° quoique vous parliez à un roturier ; 2° quand même vous parlez à un roturier.., E ui ina o se tagata nuù lua te tautala ma ia, ia e faàaloalo pea i ai. Qui QUE CE SOIT, avec une négation, se tourne par aucun, personne. Ex. : Je ne le dirai à...
Page 6 - Les quatre saisons de l'année sont le printemps, l'été, l'automne et l'hiver.

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